The four athletes on the US men’s team are Brody Malone, Yul Moldauer, Sam Mikulak and Shane Wiskus.

Alec Yoder is our +1 pommel horse specialist.

Awesome team! What do you think? Discuss the team in the comments area below.

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Pretty much what I think more people were expecting, especially after Nedoroscik fell on night one. I feel badly for Juda not even getting an alternate spot after earning the US +1 at Pan Ams and coming in 8th today. I'm excited to see more of Briones going forward, and I'm glad to hear Nedoroscik is continuing. I hope Donnell goes to Worlds and does amazingly there.

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I’m bummed about Donnell. Would have loved to see him hammer those vaults.

Awesome team though.

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Agreed, I like Donnell. This year I do not know the athletes like I have in the past few Olympic cycles. I hope there are some good fluff pieces about their families.

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I was surprised by how conservative Moldauer's routine was on high bar. I haven't been following him closely, but iirc he was doing kovacs and triple-double dismount when he was like 12.

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I was devastated for Stephen, but he definitely had a rough go at trials. Same for Donnell. Love the team though. Cannot wait to see what they do at the Olympics!

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Maybe Minnesota will wake up and reinstate their program now that they have another Olympian.

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