Xcel or Development Program: Which is the right path for your gymnast?

USA Gymnastics - Xcel or Development Program

Across the US, there are several different competitive gymnastics programs, but the two with the largest participation are the Xcel program, and the Developmental Program (formerly known as Junior Olympic, or JO), both run by USA Gymnastics (USAG). Parents new to competitive gymnastics often wonder which is the right path for their child, and while …

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Should I Stay, Or Should I Go?

In a perfect world, every gymnast would start and finish in one gym where excellent coaching, supportive teammates, and a plenty of opportunity for athlete growth combine to create an ideal atmosphere. In reality, somewhere along the line many parents find themselves wondering if it’s time to make a gym switch. But, uprooting a gymnast …

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Technique with Taucer: Landings

Kohei Uchimura at 2014 World Championships “How do you *really* define a stuck landing”? Does it mean no steps or is there more to it?”-PreciousJ The short answer No movement of the feet, back straight, knees bent, no excessive movement for balance, and a complete stop. For maximum score, the upper torso should be upright …

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