ChalkBucket Is Looking For Freelance Writers is looking for freelance writers to fire up our blog. While we do not have a large budget… we do have a budget. Here are the initial goals that we are looking to accomplish…

  1. Very captivating for our audience (gym parent articles… JO (now Developmental Program)… Xcel… recreational gymnastics… preschool gymnastics… scholarship help… child development… nutrition / recipes for athletes… TOPS / HOPES… college gymnastics… international / elite… culture change / no more abuse… op-ed… etc… etc… etc.)
  2. Authoritative tone
  3. 1,000 words or more
  4. Published nowhere else… no copyright issues… not directing people to your own blog (if you would like to direct people to your own blog… no worries… but that would be a guest post and you won’t get paid for that)
  5. Looking for one article per month from 4 different writers that are all uniquely different

Pay is strict… $50/article + gold medal membership to the site. 4 articles is the minimum.

Guest bloggers (for free to direct traffic to your site) are also welcome if it works for us. Guest bloggers are only welcome with a series of 4 articles or more. All articles must be submitted up front.

If you are interested… PM me 3 articles or links to them. They can be articles that would be for ChalkBucket… or articles that you have already posted for others with your freelance work.

Final guideline… no junk writing. Make sure you are good. Have people proof your articles.

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By the way... you do not have to be an actual "freelance writer". If you are a long poster in the forums... just break it apart into paragraphs and it'll probably be good. Overall... we are looking for articles for people to read... but we are a forum... if someone on the interweb is wrong... it helps our traffic.


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Looks like our one and only @Geoffrey Taucer is going to be our first writer for the homepage / blog of ChalkBucket! I have to say I am very excited as I have always loved reading his posts over the years. Check out his post here and help submit some topics for him to write about...

We are still looking for some more writers... let me know if you are interested.

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Agreed, GT has always written the most interesting posts on mechanics and physics.

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For all of you gym parents out there… we are still looking for more writers. It would be really nice to have a monthly article like “Tips from a gym mom / dad”.

Also… the price has been raised to $75/article.

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Here's another gif to inspire you... because this is how I feel...

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