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New Profile Posts

  1. 1canadiangymmom
    1canadiangymmom hawaii_gymnast
    you were mentioning there may be changes to the qualifying in Alberta for provincials?
  2. momstrong
    I love watching you do gymnastics
  3. ZachsMom
  4. ZachsMom
    At Zach's most recent competition, he scored a 10.0 on rings. Check it out!
  5. Meagan
  6. GymnsticsLife
    Anybody know xcel platinum beam requirements? Please PM me
  7. Sarah_the_gymnast
    Sarah_the_gymnast Gymcool_JJ
    Strengthen your core - don't work on the actual skill, do ab exercises.

    Leg lifts (hands under couch, legs up), sit ups, straight body sit ups (toes under couch, legs straight, sit up) etc....
  8. Gymcool_JJ
    Hi! I am really close to moving up a level and need my back hip circle and pullover. Do you have any tips? Thank You!!
  9. NY Dad
    NY Dad
    Feb 19, 2017 On vacation. Still healing & getting stronger. Getting ready to return to gymnastics soon
  10. Jeanne Foster
    Jeanne Foster
    oh my! I put the wrong year on my birthday! Anyone know how to fix this? Although I don't mind shaving off a few extra years ;-)
    1. NY Dad
      NY Dad
      Once your birthday has been entered, it cannot be changed. Please contact an administrator if it is incorrect.
      Feb 19, 2017
  11. Sarah_the_gymnast
  12. Nikki4
    Nikki4 Mama Duck
    Hi I wanted to join the photography social group but I don't see a join group button? Are you taking any more?
  13. dmbgymnast
    Working on my dick mounts!
  14. ldw4mlo
    Mom to a L6 11 yr old, who reminds me it's just gymnastics not world war. My turtle.
  15. Sarah_the_gymnast
    Worked Korbuts on the high beam yesterday!
  16. NY Dad
    NY Dad
    Feb 2, 2017 She's finally out of her arm cast! She's on the mend.
  17. gymisforeveryone
    Four new LB kips today for my girls! So exciting. Hard work is finally paying off!
  18. GymnsticsLife
    Need help tracking down a specific floor music.
  19. Splat
    Splat Maggie
    You will get it. I have always struggled with pullovers. I can sometimes get it as long as i have bent knees, however i can somehow magically make both low bar and high bar kips easily. Sometimes i don't understand.
  20. Maggie
    Having trouble getting my pullover :/