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New Profile Posts

  1. Carrie Roberts
    Carrie Roberts
    7 year old tops testing this summer for the first time. Enough said!
  2. e'smum
    e'smum MaryA
    Can you please approve me for the brag alert group? thank you
  3. sppd
    It's all good in the hood!
  4. ms_esha88
    ms_esha88 dunno
    Hi my family will be relocating to South Korea from the USA. We are a military family and our 5 year old daughter is on an extremely intense developmental team. I would like her to still train and I know she would be so sad if she couldn't. Do you have any resources to pass along that may help? I would greatly appreciate any help you could provide. Thank you!
  5. skschlag
    Summertime, Summertime, Sum sum summertine....
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  6. FutureGirls
    2 Future Gymnastics girls on a mission!!
  7. Eddy Shu
    Eddy Shu
    Malaysia Gymnastics Club
  8. Wendigowild
    Wendigowild Seeker
    Please add me to the level 8/9 social group; my DD will be competing L8 Spring 2018 - Thank you
  9. Fran Freyer
    Fran Freyer GymBee97
    I was hoping you could answer this: We have a membership drive each year and some pay and some don't. We do not force anyone to join. Can we call the ones that have paid "Active members" and the ones that have not paid non-active members? When we are doing things such as end of year banquet: can we charge active members $35.00 and non-active members $45.00?
  10. akozy89
  11. AmethystJayne
    AmethystJayne Mama Duck
    Hello, I see you run the Gymnastics Photography - 101 group. How do I join?
  12. SophiesMom13
    Gym mom that enjoys watching her daughter do what she loves
  13. gymisforeveryone
    FINALLY, FINALLY we have a real SPRING FLOOR! Is it Christmas? Or am I dreaming? OMG this was the best day ever
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  14. Tasha512
    Former Collegiate and Jr National Track Athlete now raising my own little gymnast.
  15. dmbgymnast
    Highest xcel gold AA in the state!
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  16. 1canadiangymmom
    1canadiangymmom hawaii_gymnast
    you were mentioning there may be changes to the qualifying in Alberta for provincials?
  17. momstrong
    I love watching you do gymnastics
  18. ZachsMom
  19. ZachsMom
    At Zach's most recent competition, he scored a 10.0 on rings. Check it out!
  20. Meagan