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New Profile Posts

  1. Pirouette
    She's running cross country as a high school freshman while training for her 2nd year of Xcel Gold.
  2. Jumpygymnast
    Getting nervous for Hurricane Irma!....
  3. LivGym23
  4. Racy
  5. GymnsticsLife
    Enjoying Life (:
  6. ldw4mlo
    Mom to a L7 11 yr old, who reminds me it's just gymnastics not world war. My turtle.
  7. gymnastcat
    gymnastcat Mama Duck
    Hello - Could I join the Gymnastics Photography 101 group? Thanks so much!
  8. NY Dad
    NY Dad
    DD is finishing up summer training and looking forward to learning her routines
  9. skschlag
    I guess it is back to school time!
  10. gym-mom622
    gym-mom622 GYM0M
    I was wondering if I could be added to the tops/hopes social group. My daughter is 8 and In her second year of testing and I think the info there could be very helpful. Thanks.
  11. Cassandra Guy
    Cassandra Guy gotgym
    I am new to chalk bucket....my daughter is in her 2ND year doing tops. Can I please be added to the tops group forum?
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    2. HeidiandHazel
      Where is the TOPs group forum? I'm new here too.
      Aug 8, 2017
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    3. Cassandra Guy
      Cassandra Guy
      It is in the social forums...you will have to message the moderator to be added
      Aug 9, 2017
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  12. Gigi
    Gigi txgymfan
    Hi I had been reading some posts about messaging a mod to join a L10 group. So I assume mod is moderator and I didn't see any private messaging option (or I missed it!) so I hope this is ok.
    Would you please add me (Gigi) to the L10 group?
    Thanks so much.
  13. Teri Mooney
    Teri Mooney
    Got my whip flip flip tuck !
  14. AnniGym
    Hi, I have all my level three skills, and all but a few level four skills. Am I level three or four? I'm switching gyms so I wanna know. Thx
  15. Flippincrazy
    Flippincrazy GYM0M
    Just curious as to how long it takes to get accepted into the group? I put in a request, but has not been approved...
    1. Flippincrazy
      it is under forums. you must have a daughter in tops/hopes to join .. LOL
      Aug 8, 2017
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    2. Flippincrazy
      it is tops/hopes
      Aug 9, 2017
  16. phenom_dad
    phenom_dad Granny Smith
    could you please add me to the level 10 group?
  17. Carrie Roberts
    Carrie Roberts
    7 year old tops testing this summer for the first time. Enough said!
  18. e'smum
    e'smum MaryA
    Can you please approve me for the brag alert group? thank you
  19. sppd
    It's all good in the hood!
  20. ms_esha88
    ms_esha88 dunno
    Hi my family will be relocating to South Korea from the USA. We are a military family and our 5 year old daughter is on an extremely intense developmental team. I would like her to still train and I know she would be so sad if she couldn't. Do you have any resources to pass along that may help? I would greatly appreciate any help you could provide. Thank you!