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    WAG 2021 World Championships

    Waiting to hear from British Gymnastics! Hope they won't leave Becky at home again but wouldn't blame them if they did based on her performance at trials...
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    Suni on Dancing With The Stars

    Wow her schedule seems jam-packed! wonder how she's gonna fit college work and training with this
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    For Parents British Gymnastics

    Thanks for that attachment!
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    For Parents British Gymnastics

    Anyone got any experience with the levels? I can get my head around the system! Niece just started so curious!
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    WAG Not Allowed to Repeat Levels

    Age. They believe its only worth training a gymnast to Level 10 if they make it there by 13. If not they are worthless and may as well do xcel
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    For Parents Weight issues - advice needed!

    This. Even a 7yr old can understand
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    Sounds like she's joining in January if at all. As a Brit I'm so excited to see Utah and Oregon! Jade Carey is going to Oregon she has already started online classes This. But then I'm also excited so see some former elites enjoying gymnastics again (thinking Riley, Kara, Suni) in a different...
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    For Parents Weight issues - advice needed!

    I get the impression you are not concerned about her actual weight but knowing her eating habits you are worried her weight gain is the effect of it. Am I right? You also bring your older daughter's weight as a proof that your younger daughter is overweight. My only problem with that is that...
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    Just thought I would start a discussion post. I'm so excited for this NCAA season; with so many new elite freshmen its sure to be interesting. Who are you most excited to see? Any predictions for specific teams this year? My thoughts: so excited to see Riley hopefully healthy and enjoying...
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    WAG Skills you would like to see more of?

    More variety of turns on floor and beam; and way less wolf turns. Also love the onodi. and front handspring vaults pls!
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    For Parents Weight issues - advice needed!

    Have any of her other teammates gone through drastic body changes through puberty? Does she train with your older daughter? Just curious!
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    For Parents Weight issues - advice needed!

    I would think at 13 she is old enough to be told she needs the right food to fuel all her extra activity. But of course that is all that should be said, you don't want to put extra pressure on her. Does it seem to be affecting her gymnastics at all?
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    WAG Chinese longevity

    To me it seems like they have an extremely intense program (perhaps more like the Marta era). Remember gymnasts had shorter careers until 5 yrs ago!
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    irritated with USAG and Simone crew

    Simone has left it totally open - she hasn't said anything about her future other than her tour
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    Women’s AA Predictions Now That Simone Out

    I want Jade to do well and up her beam score... don't think she is in medal contention but you never know! Routing for the Gadirovas to make top 10 AA and if BBC don't show both their floor routines I'll SCREAM!