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    WAG Excel Gold

    What sort of skill level is the typical excel gold? I have a gymnast from the US who has asked for lessons and has said she is excel gold level. Just wonder where that will fit into my programs?
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    For Parents Young Gymnast - TOPS Elite track

    Having another outlet is super important. My gymnasts can come to the gym and relax and be with great friends when things aren’t going so well at school. But if they are having issues at the gym, school can also be that escape. Having them both together, means thee is not the same outlet when...
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    WAG Help with Stalder Press Handstands

    Some kids with a long torso and short arms simply can’t do a press from clear straddle on the floor. It’s not a huge deal, it’s not necessary for Any level in any routine.
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    For Parents Age for ankle weights?

    The standard practices that have been used for many years in gymnastics are changing as we learn more about the body and physical development. Years ago it was standard practice to push gymnasts down in splits, every day, often until they cry. We now know that this is not only unsafe but not...
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    WAG USA Gymnastics 2022+ TOPs Program Discussion

    If we had anything similar here, there would be no kids in TOPs. We just don't have kids that young doing skills with quality of that level. Some doing, some of those skills, but not all of them.
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    Anon Upgrades during meet season?

    Yes, always. I believe upgrading should be a year round process. Not something we do for a few months. It also keeps the fire lit in the gymnasts and working in harder skills, makes their level skills feel easier.
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    WAG Gymnast/Coach ratio for L3-6

    Having really small groups is not always the best way either. There is often the idea that a smaller gymnast:coach ratio is always better. But I find that’s not the case. Having a slightly larger group often creates and energy and a flow, that is missing in tiny groups. I find there is a...
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    For Parents Thoughts on Visiting Gyms for Training While Out of Town

    The reason why I dint allow my gymnasts to train elsewhere is fully meant for the benefit of the gymnast. To often we see issues, working on a skill in a progressive way and then the kid attends an acrodance or cheer class or something and at that class they push them to do skills hjetcare not...
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    WAG Coaches, what do you think of parents that watch the entire practice?

    Yes, as Em09 days. Coaches here are not allowed to teach or spot skills they are not qualified to teach. There are different levels of accreditation to be allowed to do various skills.
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    For Parents An extra class or privates?

    Private’s are expensive. A gym coupe make a lot more money by having the coach work with multiple kids, so private lessons have to cost enough to be financially viable for the gym. Pretty standard here is $100 per hour for private lessons.
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    WAG Coaches, what do you think of parents that watch the entire practice?

    In Australia it’s illegal to be a Gymnastics coach unless you have a coaching certificate and a regular criminal background check. It’s illegal to work of volunteer with children or anywhere near children at all unless you have a current working with children card, which requires regular...
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    For Parents Thoughts on Visiting Gyms for Training While Out of Town

    That has never come up because we don’t have Summer camps in Australia and they don’t attend overseas camps because the US Summer is our Winter and it’s the middle of the school year. The only time they would ever do trampoline mini outside the gym is if they attended an official clinic held by...
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    WAG Is there a reason to do HS BHS vs BWO BHS?

    The bwo is more traditional. Kids usually learn the bwo first. Then the bwo bwo series and the Bhs on it’s own, followed by bhs bhs, and then bhs blo. But bwo can be very hard in the back, especially during puberty years. Many kids these days already have postural problems which effect the...
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    WAG Gymnast/Coach ratio for L3-6

    There is no regulation saying how many gymnasts can be in a class. The right number depends on so many factors, mainly the quality and experience of the coach. But many other things too like the space available, the layout, equipment available, age of the gymnasts, even the temperament of the...
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    For Parents What is normal for 'development' squad?

    I aim to have all my little ones at a development level. It’s still early on in their training and we don’t want to close doors for any of them. Things I have then work on are Core gymnastics shapes Strength Flexibility Technique Coordination and agility FLOOR Forward rolls Backward rolls...