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  1. Carly

    WAG L7 beam question

    Could she try a cartwheel/roundoff series instead?
  2. Carly

    WAG Stretching a Leo, 101

    To stretch out the arms, I've stuffed towels inside them when the leo was damp. I've never tried to stretch the chest but that might work, too.
  3. Carly

    For Parents Too many hours (gymnastics) / switch sports

    Gyms have all different methods for practice and coaching, so gymnasts can do better with less hours depending on how they practice. They may have less waiting around between turns for example. Also, some gymnasts pick up skills a lot faster than others so they may not need as many hours. More...
  4. Carly

    For Parents First Meet

    In general, the girls from the same gym/level, regardless of age, compete in the same session but they give awards out based on age groups. The age groups for level 3 could possibly be something like 7 and under, 8, 9 and then 10 and older. It really depends on how many girls and ages are...
  5. Carly

    OT Gifts for Pre-Teen and Teen Girls

    That reminds me of a book that my daughter really liked from amazon called Wreck This Journal by Keri Smith. There are several different versions. The one she has is Now in color.
  6. Carly

    For Parents When is time to move on?

    I do agree with what others are saying that maybe this is not the right gym for your dd if she wants to do both and cannot find the time. 17 hours is extremely high for L3. DD's gym is 10 hours for 3, 12 hours for 4 & 5, 16 hours for 6 & 7. Then 20 hours and up for 8-10. The girls place very...
  7. Carly

    WAG xcel platinum vault sv question

    If by half-half, you mean 1/2 twist on with a 1/2 twist off, that is a 9.9.
  8. Carly

    WAG xcel platinum vault sv question

    You can see part of the new code for xcel and the first few pages are for vault. It lists each vault and start value on page 27. I don't know what vaults would be easier. I assume the ones with the lower start values but I...
  9. Carly

    For Parents Which level has the biggest drop off?

    From what I have seen, it's been after levels 5 or 6 for the girls who would be going to 7.
  10. Carly

    For Parents Bun

    For my daughter with very thick, long hair, I put it in a ponytail which I then split in half and braided each. Then wrapped them into a bun and used hairpins not bobby pins. I did not use a bun maker because it added too much extra bulk. If her hair is wavy/curly and you're still having...
  11. Carly

    For Parents How often do you get new leos?

    Current gym gets new leos every 2 years. Previous gym got new ones every year. For both gyms, it was always like that regardless of covid.
  12. Carly

    WAG Level 5 vs. 6

    At dd's gym, everyone competes 5. If they don't have or are not close to having the skills for 7 by the end of summer training, they will go to 6 instead of 7. DD never did 6 so I do not know how it compares to 5.
  13. Carly

    MAG How to overcome fear of re-injury

    It sounds like you may not have tried the one thing that could possibly help and that is to back off the pressure of getting the skill. I don't know anything about MAG but is there alternative front tumbling that he could do instead?
  14. Carly

    For Parents Meet Season 101: The Ultimate Guide

    Great article! Very useful info for new parents. I'd also add that parents should not contact meet directors. I assume most gyms tell parents this but maybe not. If you need info, contact your coach. Try to go to a meet when your dd is on pre-team so she can see what it is like. I took mine to...
  15. Carly

    Anon Sports Bra Requirement

    No sports bra required at either of the 2 gyms that dd has gone to. I would discuss it with the gym and explain your dd's sensory issues. Maybe they will make an exception for her.