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    For Parents Xcel to JO Advice

    I agree with some of the responses here. "Too old" is a term coaches like to use when they're worried about getting to a gymnast when they're young in order to have a superstar performer. Odds are, your child wants to do gymnastics for fun, not to be the next Olympic gold medalist. 8 Years old...
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    WAG Xcel gold or JO Level 6?

    Hi! I coach the Xcel program up to platinum, and I'll make this answer as simple as possible. If you want to 100% commit yourself to the sport, then you should join JO. Xcel is made for gymnasts that enjoy the sport, but also want to play other sports or have a life outside of gymnastics. Doing...
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    Freelance Writers Wanted

    Who can I contact to take this offer?
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    For Coaches Handstand flatback is giving me migraines

    Hi. A lot of it can come down to chest and arm position as they hit the board. I see a lot of gyms teach their kids to vault with their arms up when that usually just drops their chest more often. as far as bend legs after the board, they have to be tight while bouncing to continue to be tight...