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    For Coaches Crying at meets

    I don't tolerate crying for any reason other than injuries. I do however ask them to excuse themselves to the bathroom/lockeroom, take a moment to calm down, evaluate what the problem is, and try to come up with a solution before they return. Crying solves nothing. It just makes them more...
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    For Coaches Coaching with a horse voice

    I teach Pre-School through level 9 and I also have aweful allergies that at times leave me with absolutely no voice. When this happens, I let my students know I'm not feeling well and ask them to be on their best behavior. They almost always go above and beyond to both listen better and help...
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    For Coaches Level 7 Floor

    It's my first season coaching an optional group and I want to quickly clarify something. The special requirement asks for a Layout on Floor. Is my gymnast allowed to compete a Full and cover that requirement or no? Thanks for your time!
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    For Coaches Xcel Clarification

    I'm trying to clarify the requirements for my Xcel girls. All of my scel girls were Rec. gymnastics pulled from classes, so I'm abit limited with their abilities. For Silver on bars, A cast counts as it's own skill, correct? Currently, I have my girls doing: Glide Swing, Pull over, Cast, Back...
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    For Coaches Level 7 Bar

    I have a quick question regarding Level 7 Bars. It's my first year coaching optional levels and putting together routines so I want to verify that I have all the required skills in there. I have two level 7s and one of them is afraid of giants (Although she does them very well when I talk her...
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    For Coaches Meet compensation - How does it work for your gym?

    I'm in my first year of coaching USAG and our state meet is coming up after a very successful season. Until recently, all of our competitions have been relatively close in location and I was okay with how coaches fees were handled. However, states is over 3 hours away, will take up two days ...
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    For Coaches Xcel Silver - Floor Passes

    Hello all (: I'm currently the head coach for a new Xcel group and I have a question regarding floor passes for the Silver Level. A couple of my girls are not able to compete a solid round-off Back-Handspring pass (Required - 2 Acro skills connected. One with flight). I've been searching all...