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    For Parents L10 gymnast (The Reality Of College Gymnastics)

    I find this conversation lost in reality a bit, if your gymnast wants to compete in D-1 she has to compete against the best, whether it be at a college with former elites or a smaller program who has to compete against that big P-5 conference school to get to nationals. If she doesn't have the...
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    WAG Level 10 parents - need some happy stories

    My dd was a young level 10 but definitely struggled her first year, she did better every year, so there is light at the end of the tunnel. It was almost embarrassing since she was very good through level 8 and some would say through level 9. You just have to roll with it because it's up to her...
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    For Parents Question about pursuing athletic scholarship

    Cal is the more prestigious academic school and it's a more competitive gym program at the moment. You are competing in the classroom against some of the brightest minds in the country, it's not an easy road for someone who is not athlete, add in the time being a D-1 athlete, it would be tough...
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    For Coaches Coach expenses

    We were given an amount to pay for coaches' expenses at the beginning of the season, which would include food, travel, hotel costs and their time. You would not get your money back if you didn't attend the meet, it's part of the agreement to be on the team. Once states, regionals and nationals...
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    For Parents Early morning meets

    We did the hotel thing for 8 am meets since they were seldom close to our home. Once you reach the higher levels, 8 am meets become rare until states/regionals/nationals. One of the biggest beefs you'll hear is getting the first session at nationals with a time change mixed in (ie., PST to EST).
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    For Parents Feeling Discouraged

    Not spotting is the biggest issue, you are paying him to do so and it's a safety issue. Unfortunately, he's not going to change, so I'd switch gyms. I've seen coaches overtly favor gymnasts, and I've seen coaches select gymnasts for higher level coaching because of their ability to learn faster...
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    NCAA Current UCLA Situation (Alexis Jeffery Transfer)

    I think AJ's transfer was helpful for the UCLA team to heal and focus on gymnastics, which it appears they are doing now. Once the racist allegations came to light, the team tried to handle it on their own, it was only after no apology was made that the coaches were informed what happened. At...
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    For Parents Shorts at practice

    A private club can make their own rules re leotards, similarly you can switch gyms. Many gyms insist on buns for hair as well. My dd doesn’t care either way for practice but believes she looks better in a leo for meets and won’t consider shorts.
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    For Parents Questions about switching gyms for higher level of training…

    I wouldn’t trade happiness for an 8 year old level 4. My daughter trained at a top gym with elites from the time she was 3, they were the state champions at level 4 and 5 (6 AA champs in deferent age levels), out of these gymnasts only one made it to college gym, from an exceptional training...
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    OT Gymnastics College recruiting and High School Cheer

    There are a number of D1 gymnasts that did cheer, ie Elena Arenas and Emma Kelley. Definitely more prevalent in the south where cheer is held in very high esteem. Depends on the club gym and cheer program if they will work with you. I would’ve loved for my gym daughter to do both but neither the...
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    For Parents Changing gyms right before meet season?

    As long as the new gym has room and can get her into competitions, it happens. Some gyms will be full though and unable to fit new gymnasts in. At this point a lot of comps will be full as well.
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    WAG Good Scores?

    At minimum 9s in all events. In our state, under 37 won't place at state.
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    For Parents East Seattle Gyms

    There's Cascade Elite and Metropolitan. Both produce collegians and elite levels. I haven't heard anything negative about either of them.
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    WAG HOPES skills for 10-11 year olds?

    Yes, she's very happy and has some new beautiful beam skills. She'll keep her vault and floor skills the same, perhaps some added dance on floor. She is working a new dismount on bars.
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    For Parents Gym change stats

    My daughter changed gyms at level 9, huge mistake, it was due to a coach she did not like who ended up leaving later. The owner was out of the country for over a month, so we were going to just take a break until she got back but she started at a new gym that had no idea what they were doing, so...