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    For Parents Question

    I am wondering the same
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    WAG Letter from Tom Forster on FB

    What does everyone think of this announcement, a step in the right direction? The USA Gymnastics board of directors has accepted the resignation of Chief Operating Officer Ron Galimore.
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    For Parents Home Air Trak

    We have a 10’ Tumble Track that we purchased on Amazon, perfect for my 8 yo daughter. It came with the air pump and is easy to inflate, deflates quickly too. She has enough room to practice many of her floor skills.
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    WAG Tuition cost??

    Level 7 and paying $395 for 19 hours a week and additional $100 for TOPs training approx. 4 hours a week so about $500 a month, not including meet fees or Leo’s/warm ups. We are in a higher cost of living suburb
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    For Parents Training hours for levels 6/7

    Mine goes 19 hours for level 7
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    Newish to CB

    Welcome, I am also a newbie to CB. My DD is age 8 and will be competing Level 7 this year and attending the TOPS A camp. I am truly amazed at the friendships she has gained along the way and love all of the "life skills" the sport teaches her. I agree about cheerleader and check writer, I am...
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    For Parents National TOPs Scores

    Kim just sent out an email with the detailed TOPS camp information
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    For Parents Halloween practice (1 day survey)

    All rec and team classes cancelled so the kids (and coaches) can enjoy the day.
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    For Parents Optionals 6 and 7 social group

    Can you also add me to the group? Thank you!