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    WAG Elite

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    Anon Invited to TOPS

    How old is she? Does she plan to move to the DP Program eventually?
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    For Parents Hardest Skill To Acquire

    6th year level 10 and future college gymnast still doesn't have a single bar release. She's tried multiple different ones but nothing seems to click for her. Luckily she still has a 10 1 start value on bars even without a release.
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    For Parents Spin Off The "Confused" Post, Question about Elite Training

    They did. No prior elite training, saw the potential in a few up and coming gymnasts and started down the elite training path, starting with hopes. It was way more intense than we ever could have imagined. The main drawback with being the first in a gym is not having experienced parents to get...
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    For Parents Which level has the biggest drop off?

    I'd say level 7 or 8, but age also plays a big part. The 12-14 year old age group is hard for a lot of gymnasts (middle/high school, growth spurts, puberty).
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    For Parents ARTICLE: Is Competitive Gymnastics Right For My Family

    My advice: Ask lots of questions Befriend an upper level parent and get the low down on the gym and team from then It's expensive, and time consuming and can overtake your life if you let it Very few are going to get a scholarship, even fewer are going to be an Olympian Take it SLOW! No reason...
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    For Parents Age/Level and Path they took to get there

    16 years old/6th year level 10 Age 6 - level 3 Age 7 - level 4 Age 8 - level 5/7 (did both in the same year) Age 8 - level 8 Age 10 - level 10 (scored out of level 9), also started Hopes this same year Now, as a junior in high school she is starting her 6th year in level 10. Committed to OU to...
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    Anon College Recruiting experience, insights and opinions

    Several of her gym mates are 2024 graduates. It really surprised me how quickly the recruiting process comes up. For whatever reason, I was thinking the Junior year of high school is when you really need to focus on recruiting, but that seems to start at least a year earlier. - 9th grade or...
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    WAG Easterns / Nationals Locations?

    Yes, just not posted anywhere yet.
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    WAG Easterns / Nationals Locations?

    Nationals will be in Oklahoma city in 2023.
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    For Parents Brag Moment!!

    So exciting!!!!
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    For Parents Proud mom!

    Lily committed to OU yesterday on a full athletic scholarship! This has been her dream and goal for as long as I can remember. #boomersooner
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    For Parents L10 gymnast (The Reality Of College Gymnastics)

    A 2024 committed yesterday!! She's the only one so far. I don't expect many, if any, other announcements until after official visits in September.
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    WAG College Gymnastics and chance to tell YOUR story

    I love this, thank you for sharing. And you are correct, everyone definitely has their own story. Each path is unique.
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    For Parents L10 gymnast (The Reality Of College Gymnastics)

    I 100% agree. It's very VERY hard for a level 10 to find a spot on a team, much less a level 9. Again, not impossible but very unlikely.