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    Bad News For The 2021 Tokyo Olympics

    I say let them do it. It will be fine.
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    For Parents Virtual meets and fairness

    I’ve wondered how they do these meets without a lot of cheating going on.
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    WAG Level 6 Vaults

    This is the 3rd year they’ve been doing these 3 vault timers. It would take a book to explain them. They all start from a 10.0
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    For Parents No word on meets yet?

    We have Leos on order, and have a full meet schedule. This past Sat, some girls went to a meet near Atlanta. It went very smoothly, even with all the restrictions they had to follow, and the level of competition was pretty impressive from all the gyms there, considering many had a lot of...
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    WAG Excel score sheet?

    There are no “scoring sheets.” There’s a code of points, required elements, a standard set of deductions that judges pretty much have memorized, and a list of skills. The judges write down the skills in shorthand as the gymnast performs them, along with the deductions they see; then they go back...
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    WAG More 6's, less 5's

    Tom Koll (the voice on the DVDs/CDs) says the new routines are going to be so good that nobody will want to skip anymore! :) I can’t wait to see them.
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    For Parents It's happening!

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    For Parents Getting discouraged

    For how long is this intention to not reopen anything? It seems illegal and unconstitutional to keep things this way. Yes, infections continue to happen, but so is recovering by a count of 99.4%. The death rate is minuscule, and miserly among the highest risk category. I understand increased...
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    WAG a new organization?? NGA

    Not to keep harping on this, but after reading the requirements at each level, it appears to be a greatly watered-down version of USAG requirements. The level 10 requirements could be met by any level 8 at our gym. The level 6 requirements are about what a level 4 could do. It’s like Xcel, only...
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    WAG NCAA 20-21

    I’ll say it again, even though people don’t want to hear it. Sending students home and closing schools just prolongs this whole thing. Exposure leads to HIT, which means returning to normal. Most people recover (I said most), and college-age students fare better than older adults. So they need...
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    MAG Iowa men's team cut, this will be last season

    And this will be the fallout all over the country due to the cancelling of college fall sports, especially the big money-maker football. The other sports and athletes will suffer, losing teams and scholarships. Let them play football!
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    WAG a new organization?? NGA

    I got an email today from them, and they’re having a drawing for a free full-sized beam for new clubs that join in Aug. They are also offering large discounts on equipment rentals for meets and other services upon becoming a club member. I think it’s the first email I’ve seen, and it offers no...
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    For Parents Getting discouraged

    Many gyms have returned to practice, so there are definitely models to refer to for Michigan to see. My dd’s gym has been open since May 18.
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    For Parents Xcel Bronze to Gold

    You can’t skip Silver. There is a mobility chart on page 48 of the updated Rules and Policies that her coach can refer to.