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    WAG A Little Piece of Advice Here

    Regarding the mental aspects, you are experiencing a lot of pent up interference that is on an unconscious level. It's like someone getting scared by a clown as a kid, and they develop a belief/fear that grows and sticks with them through life. That is why you can know what to say to yourself...
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    For Parents Problems with tumbling

    I would not completely dismiss the mental/emotional side of things. If an athlete can bring it in practice but struggles performing the same in competition, that can be an indicator that pressures, nerves, and negative thinking are getting the best of them. Her comment about just being bad a...
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    For Parents Mental recovery from bad meets

    As some general advice, it might be helpful for your daughter to read about other athletes that have had adversity, and how it actually pushed them into even greater achievements. Michael Jordan was cut from his team at one point. Tim Tebow lost a huge game in a college season, but then came...
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    For Parents Fears

    Just my 2 cents, but I am a mental skills trainer and sports hypnotist, and I can tell you with certainty that fear is the #1 thing that holds athletes back. It is common. Usually a mix of fear of losing, making mistakes, disappointing coaches or parents, letting the team down, as well as...
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    For Parents Threat to scratch event as a motivator

    I have dealt with many mental blocks, and that is rarely an effective approach. I understand coaches and organizations must have standards, but very few athletes respond well to threats or negative reinforcement. Judging by your daughter’s response, all that did is create more pressure and...
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    For Parents First injury

    I hope the procedure went well! It is probably too soon to start talking about gymnastics. At this point, it sounds like she is coming from a place of fear. Almost like ptsd. Scared of getting hurt again, failing, embarrassing herself…could be a number of things. Best thing you can do as the...
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    For Parents Help with confidence

    It might help to remind your daughter that 1) she can’t control other’s emotions, and 2) that it is not personal. The truth is, this friend has her own beliefs, values, experiences, and ways of thinking. When your daughter gets better scores, instead of this friend being happy for her, she...
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    For Parents Coming back from injury

    The tracking the progress ideas are great! If your daughter is open to advice, try asking what could be positive about all this? She'll prbly say nothing lol But, ultimately she can come back stronger, healthier, and smarter than before. More importantly, going through this can give her a...
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    For Parents Growth mindset help

    Sorry to hear this. It might help some if you can help your daughter get to the truth behind her coach/owner. Coach is yelling/demanding, so your daughter begins to interpret that as "I'm not good enough". Truth: it has nothing to do with her. The coach most likely cares and sees potential...
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    WAG Help- Backwards issues!!

    Sorry to hear your daughter is going through this. You have gotten some great feedback. I’ll just add couple extra thoughts. At the core of it, she has an interfering thought/belief that is causing a response, creating emotions and feelings, that are impacting her actions. She is still the...
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    Hello from Ohio!

    Hello! I've visited this forum several times, and it is an awesome community. Lots of helpful discussions and resources. I am a mental coach. I work (primarily) with youth athletes on the mental game - overcoming mental interferences and building 'mental toughness'. I work with a lot of...