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    For Parents Knee pain in 6yo?

    I agree with the other responses. Have her rest the knee completely (no PE, gym etc) for another 5-7 days and see if it improves. Knee braces are injury specific so avoid them. Asking some very specific questions about the pain--all the time, only when she does x, y or z , does it wake her up...
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    For Parents Success/advice after second meniscus tear

    I would see another orthopedic surgeon for a 2nd opinion. It should not have taken her 6 mos to get 70% recovered from a meniscal repair unless more was done than you were advised of. Gather up her records and MRIs and get someone else to look things over.
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    WAG Gabby Douglas leaves Chow's Gym, moves to L.A.

    To be clear I was amazed at Gabby's quick rise to stardom and very very impressed with her gymnastics. I think she has a lot more to give to the sport if she decides to. Her behavior behind the scenes and that of her family is less than stellar. The mess left behind at Excaliber and now leaving...
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    WAG Gabby Douglas leaves Chow's Gym, moves to L.A.

    From what I have read, Chow said she came to the gym and told him she was leaving---no explanation given. I think he might have been more hurt by that than her not paying her bill before she left.
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    WAG Gabby Douglas leaves Chow's Gym, moves to L.A.

    What Gabby and her mom/advisers forget is she gained her fame and fans due to her success in gymnastics. She didn't get a huge following as a walk on in some teen Disney shows. Just because someone wins Olympic gold does not make them an actress, model or whatever. Gabby will find the invites...
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    For Parents Out of the blue, dd says she want to quit.

    See if she can express why she would prefer figure skating over gymnastics. Since she wants to pursue another sport, it does not seem entirely about missing friends from her old training group.
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    For Parents Would rather quit than compete...

    Just about everything she does in life is a competition of some sort. Would the coaches let her "ease" into competition? Maybe have her go to the 1st meet and just watch. She may find out its lots of fun with everyone cheering each other on and getting hugs/high 5s from coaches/teammates.
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    For Parents 1st Yurchenko

    The yurchenko has a lot of moving parts. My gymmie started the yurchenko drills between L5/6, but it was just learning to do the ro/bhs onto a resi. This vault needs a lot of work/time for a gymnast to do it well and safely.
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    For Parents Back Pain from Lumbar extension/hyperextension

    Absolutely listen to the MD. Sending good thoughts for a "clean" MRI.
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    For Parents Sever's and OU gymnastics camp?

    I would let her go. Make sure she wears a good sneaker--no flip/flops or sandals. Actually no bare feet/sandals until this goes away. Talk to one of the coaches when you take her in the 1st day. They can limit some of the pounding and keep an eye on her. Gymnastics coaches should be well versed...
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    WAG Shameless brag and annoying Texas question!! Opinions needed and very welcome!

    One thing to keep in mind is the compulsory "season" for TX starts in late August and ends in December. Depending on when you move, there season could be well underway which might cause a delay for getting into a competitive program. TX has a program called TAAF which is similar to Xcel so you...
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    For Parents Update on switching gyms

    I hope you switch to the new gym sooner than June. Your dd needs a program that will be supportive and encouraging. Tell her you will contact her friends from the old gym and have play dates from time to time.
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    WAG Fractured Metatarsal

    Poor kid. Having to really take it easy for the finger may benefit the foot---a good 2 week rest. As someone else suggested this would be a time for her to catch up or try some activity she doesn't have time to do with gymnastics. She shouldn't miss too much of the summer.
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    For Parents Frustrated with DD's rec class

    I think they're stringing you and dd along. Rec classes, clinics, camps etc are where gyms make their money. You've had your dd in rec classes 2x/week, frequent clinics and doing the summer camp and she's not ready for their team program? Coaches do not find the "perfect" team kid---they are all...
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    WAG Going to camp at a different gym than daughter is training at?

    I would set up a time to talk to the current coaches and see if you can figure out what is going wrong. It may be simply adjusting to a gym that does a lot of corrections and maybe if your dd understood why she was being corrected, it would change her attitude. Find something fun she can do over...