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    For Parents Anyone gone back to school in person yet?

    Our district is starting virtual. We would be lucky if we got in person schooling before 2021.
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    At home conditioning during gym closure

    How far down should you go when doing the windshield wipers?
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    For Parents Coronavirus

    I meant a couple of days so far. I think we’re looking at at least a month of gym closure probably more.
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    For Parents Coronavirus

    DDs gym has been closed for a couple of days. (California)
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    At home conditioning during gym closure

    *find a workout program online*
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    At home conditioning during gym closure

    Our gym has home conditioning lists that require little to no equipment for vacations. Maybe find a workout program you can find online if you gym doesn’t have this.
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    For Parents Help with confidence

    It doesn’t sound like your daughters friendship is healthy. She shouldn’t be friends with someone who gets mad at her for doing her best. Do her coaches know about this?
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    For Parents So close

    Nice Job!
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    Should I go back as soon as possible ?

    Its not a good idea to compete the day after your cleared from an injury. You should try to ease back into it slowly. If you go to the meet and just try to throw your skills without having practiced them you risk getting injured again
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    Hi! newbie here

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    For Parents I am a gym mom again

    Great! Good luck to her in the future
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    For Parents Question about recovering from injury?

    It might be possible but have her only do what she wants to do. Her health and safety are more important than meets