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    For Parents Has anyone's child had or have a baker's cyst behind the knee?

    My daughter had one on both of her knees a few years ago. One of them dissected down to her ankle. Her calf was huge. We were sent to two specialists and it was finally decided to just leave it along because most cysts that are drained come back. The only concern was that the cyst was taking...
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    Chicago schedule

    I'm glad we are not the only ones waiting. Thanks for the info on the schedule. I have probably clicked on it at least 100 times and still no update. It is still a partial schedule so not all teams are listed and my dd's team is still not on it. We have heard that they are trying to finish...
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    Chicago schedule

    Does everyone have their schedule for Chicago? We still don't and it's driving me crazy. The price of the train has gone up by about $60 and one of the meet hotels is now booked. I am a big planner so it's driving me nuts not to know when my girls compete. We would like to take the train but...
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    Tuli's Cheetah Heel cups

    The same thing happened to a friends dd's heel cup after just a few days of use. She used Gorilla Glue and it has really held up. Much cheaper then buying new heal cups.
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    For Parents region 5 parents?

    We are in Michigan too. Is anyone going to Battle of Champions meet?
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    Leotards in Australia

    My dd's team actually orders from Sylvia P for their team leos and they are great. They are inexpensive (even with shipping) compared to other leo manufactures and are very high quality.
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    Youngest L 4 to compete

    My dd competed level 4 at 6 years old and did very well. She even had a 10 on vault in Niagara Falls. :)
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    Monthly charges

    This summer my girls will be working on level 7 and will be training 20 hours a week for $210 a month. We are very lucky to have a great gym with great coaches.
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    Crazy Meet Complaints

    I just remembered another conversation that happened this weekend at the level 6 session. mom: That vault is just all wrong. See the girls are all hitting their head. It is way too high. Look at that other one, it is much shorter. dad: You're right. It is way too high and this is just...
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    Crazy Meet Complaints

    My dd's had a large meet this weekend at their gym (450 girls) and I was one of the parents in charge. We had parents complain about silly things like they couldn't find the gym because google said it was on the other side of the street, we didn't have a certain brand of spring water, and the...
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    For Parents sleepover party

    I would let her go for the party but pick her up around 10 or 11 pm. She could at least go to the party and still sleep in her own bed. Her team is counting on her and if she is anything like my dd's the day after a sleepover is not fun.
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    What do you think makes a great meet?

    Thanks for all the great ideas. Our parent club puts the meets on at our gym and we have had great reviews but we are always looking for something new and improved. bogwoppit you mentioned result sheets available. Do you mean that when the meet is over there are sheets with every score on...
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    What do you think makes a great meet?

    My dd's gym is hosting one more meet this year and we are looking at ways to improve. What thing have you really liked about a meet? What things have you hated? We are looking for any and all ideas including thing to have at concessions, vendors that you have liked or anything else you can...
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    For Parents My new meet pet peave....

    I totally agree. We were at a meet a few weeks ago and the flashers were about six years old. There were quite a few scores flashed wrong or only shown to the back wall. At my dd's home meets everyone working must be 18 years old.
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    Ideas for goodie bags

    Thank you everyone. Since this is a state qualifier the meet fees are only $35 per gymnast so we have to keep it cheap. So far these are great ideas and really help.