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    Wearing grips out every two months!

    grips! i use 10.0 grips i would have to say there the best ive had mine for about 3 almost 4 years and i use them everyday. i make sure to get all the chalk off and water because that seems to make them tear!
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    Name my kitten!

    salto rip kip arabion cartwheel flipflop tuck-er flippy mr.flip stunt leap switchy
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    I finally did it :)

    YAY! great job! post video??
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    what time is it?

    No i was just wondering about what time it is where everyone lives i thought it would be a fun post.
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    what time is it?

    Like about time differences. Between whee we all are!
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    what time is it?

    What time is it where you are? Lets have the normal time be pacific time zone. (WA OR CA)
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    cell phone and internet?

    Thanks everyone for telling me about your phones and internet and everything. I just have a samsung gravity. Im 15 i call and text alot. I was just wondering who all out there has everything on it!
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    cell phone and internet?

    So now days cell phones are everything internet..calling..texting and all that good stuff. How many people here have all that on there phone?
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    back handspring

    YouTube - Backhandspring Tutorial: How to do a back handspring
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    Holiday wish list....

    christmas in september. wow all i can think of is a new bag leo grips
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    how many hours do YOU train per week?

    about 30 level 8 and some higher skills high school team
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    How was your first day of school?

    i start high school at a new school this year on wed.we start in 10th grade.our classes are about 35 students to 1 teacher.and my grade has about 500 students and my school has about 1,600 students.ive trained all summer.not looking back to going to school. i love summerrr
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    I just dont get some people. So upset.

    screaming and yelling.. moved there for the gym? wow... gyms have so much DRAMA! so did she give in and et her on the team?
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    Super good news for the torn ACL!!

    WOW! thats AWESOME! i have a torn TFCC in my wrist right now so i know what you mean be your happy to be back! im long waiting surgery and all that good stuff.. glad to hear that ur back!
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    What music are you listening to?

    At this moment i am listening to "Just the way you are -bruno mars"