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  1. gymgurl

    WAG Injury update: elbow

    Thats awesome to hear you had such a spectacular recovery livychivy! I think my problem was I left it so long to get it properly checked out that it has impeded proper recovery. At the time there was no swelling or bruising so we didn't suspect anything serious. Long term symptoms told me...
  2. gymgurl

    WAG switch leap at what level?

    For us it is level 5 for floor and level 6/7 for beam
  3. gymgurl

    WAG Injury update: elbow

    I am 19 and retired currently but still going to an adult gym class once a week and did this injury in my last competitive training session just before christmas last year. We were doing relays and we were doing fast BWO and my legs went before my arms were ready and I crumpled on my arm. So its...
  4. gymgurl

    WAG Injury update: elbow

    Well, after seeing a GP, a sports physician, and x ray and an MRI we have finally figured out why my elbow is sore and causing me grief. What has happened is I had a grade 2 tear of my UCL (Ulna collateral ligament) and it isn't healing at the moment. I have also severely strained my pronator...
  5. gymgurl

    OT Book recommendations for age 10 girl

    I am a huge reader and always have been so I have a huge list of books for you! I loved fantasy so some of my suggestions might not be her cup of tea but tried to steer clear of fantasy in recommendations The Girl in the Cave - Anthony Eaton A series of unfortunate events - Lemony snicket The...
  6. gymgurl

    WAG GP vs Sports physician

    Update! Went to the sports physician and he thinks the most likely injury with almost 100% certainty is that initially I had a grade 2 tear of the Ulna Collateral Ligament and a strained right pronator teres insertion (rare but looks like the most logical given pain locations). Going for an...
  7. gymgurl

    WAG Unusual Skills or Series

    You could do front walkover -cartwheel not seen a lot at least where I am front walkover round off? Not sure about US but cartwheel back tuck is a very common dismount in Aus especially in level 6/7
  8. gymgurl

    OT Something Australian....

    Australian stuff that is amazing: Tim Tams! Seriously though you haven't lived until you have had a tim tam Vegemite - though you brits might not like it Lorna Jane do great half tops and slogan work out singlets (almost my entire gym owns at least one)
  9. gymgurl

    OT Wisdom Teeth Surgery

    It really depends I only had 2 and I had them out separately but while I was awake (local anaesthetic) both times there was trobbing with tumbling or excessive blood pumping around the body and was especially painful in long handstands. You could probably go back and do strength and flexibility...
  10. gymgurl

    WAG Quitting question

    For me it was I was getting old - 19 with not chance of elite or anything like that. I had a university education to attend to and the two timetables didn't want to work together. That and I had a coach that I don't think could have pushed me much further than where I was.
  11. gymgurl

    WAG GP vs Sports physician

    Update: Went to GP now have referral for X-rays and Sports physician
  12. gymgurl

    Allergic to tape

    Sorry I am unfamiliar with pre wrap, I have the hyper allergenic tape which causes the same reaction is that what you're talking about or is this something different?
  13. gymgurl

    WAG GP vs Sports physician

    Discovered after reading the fine print that a referral is needed for the sports doctor anyway (a new thing, you used to be able to go in without a referral) so GP it is to start with regardless, in regards to MRIs the sports physicians MRI referrals are rebatable with medicare, GPs are not, GPs...
  14. gymgurl

    What's in your gym bag?

    Generally: Tiger paws Under tape (hypoallergenic stuff) Tape Ice gel (+ some times heat rub) Hair ties and scrunchies Water bottle Deodorant Hair brush
  15. gymgurl

    WAG your experiences...from Back Tuck to Layout to Twist - was it hard for you/your DD?

    The biggest issue I had was deciding what way to twist. I jump full turn right and pirouette right but I round off left. So i was told you must twist left as it was the same direction as your round off turns. Once we figured that out i had it on floor within the week.