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    For Parents Cutting down hours

    It may not be usual for high level gymnasts to take time off or cut down hours to do other sports, however, it' pretty usual that high level gymnasts get injured and require surgeries etc that take 6 to 12 months to heal, so it's actually pretty common that high level gymnasts "take a break"...
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    Private Area On ChalkBucket Again?

    Could you add the private coach group? We used to have one here.
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    For Coaches Bars structure

    I remember you, so nice to hear that you are coaching professionally now! Me too! It's so fun, isn't it! To answer your question... It's a tough one! How many girls do you have in the group? At first I would make sure to end the previous event (for example floor) 5-10 minutes early to make...
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    For Coaches How to fix this handstand shape

    I have a young compulsory gymnast, who has a "weird" handstand shape. I only really paid attention to it recently. Her shoulder blades are touching each other in the handstand. I'll add a picture here: Do you know why she is doing it this way? She can't correct it in...
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    OT 2021 Best moments

    I'm proud of myself, because every day I'm becoming a better coach. I learn something new every week. And I'm not only talking about technical side of coaching - I'm talking about my new skills in coaching human beings, especially teenagers and how to best support them and be an important and...
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    For Parents Questions on coaching method being used

    Are the coaches giving the gymnasts tools to handle their frustration? Are they just asking them to hide their feelings or are they saying that having frustration, fear, anger, self doubt or disappointment is right and normal and we all have those feelings, but that we should learn to control...
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    For Parents The journey continues....

    I've been following this journey from the sidelines. I really feel for your daughter and I really hope that she finds a new gym!
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    WAG 2021 US Classic Discussion

    I loved watching this. I especially loved to see how good the atmosphere seems to be in that gym. The girls look happy, bubbly and not afraid to talk to themselves. Usually when you watch documentaries like these, you see an army of silent girls, who don't laugh, who don't joke, who only nod...
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    WAG Level 10 Developmental Nationals

    She looks AWESOME! So strong and confident! Congratulations! The level of competition seems to be super high.
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    So now that the vax is a reality who will be getting.......

    Glad to hear that the vaccination process is going strong in the USA, if many of you are soon getting or have even got their vaccination already. In my country 20 % of the population has got their first shot, but that means just elderly people and people working in the health care. I'm 27 so...
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    MAG Does your son tell you anything about practice?

    We once had a talk with my teen age gymnasts (I'm the coach, not a parent) about what kind of involvement and encouragement they would like the most from their parents. They all said that they love it when the parents are interested about their sport and how they are doing at practice, but...
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    WAG The Wrist Shift-HELP!

    I'll PM you a link to a video!
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    WAG The Wrist Shift-HELP!

    Do you think you are afraid off falling when sifting the wrists? And can you co multiple back hip circles in a row? What does it look like? Do you have the same speed on regular bar and on strap bar? If you are lacking speed you can't sift your wrists properly. Can you do a underswing...
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    Return to practice after having Covid?

    Thank you! I'm her coach btw, not her mother. Sorry for confusing you! She was at practice for 2 hours today. We decided to start slow, so she only did very basic skills. She's a high level gymnast (would be level 9-10ish in the USA) but we decided to start with only a little trampoline and...
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    Return to practice after having Covid?

    Hi! Has anyone of you or your gymnast had covid and returned to practice after that? How did it affect you and how did the return go? I would love to know since one of my girls is returning tomorrow, she had it pretty mild but I'm still a bit worried. She has asthma too. She has been out of the...