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    For Parents Advice on Funding?

    Agree with above about costs, not going into debt, etc. I had two competing at one time - one for 6 years and the other for 12. Thanking G-D I've paid my last bill (she's off to college next week!) but totally agree with BW's assessment of $10K per year once you get into optional levels...
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    WAG New Gym for Sophia

    WOW! I'm glad Sophia is out of that toxic environment!
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    For Parents I hate Summer Gym schedules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That is quite different from the US where most children start kindergarten at 5 and 1st grade at 6, but on the young end, a few may still be 4 when they start kindy. I agree that 10 could be considered 'mature' depending on the child, but being mature (i.e., knowing what to do in emergencies...
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    For Parents I hate Summer Gym schedules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Not sure how "mature" a 6 year old can be, but I would totally not be comfortable leaving a 6-7 year old home alone all day, or to have them come home to an empty house to take care of themselves after school. JMHO, that is too young. And even without a minimum age for latchkey kids, I'm sure...
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    For Parents I hate Summer Gym schedules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My neighbor had the cops called on her by another neighbor when she left her kids in the car IN HER OWN DRIVEWAY, with the garage door open, she ran into to use the bathroom. We live about 3 blocks from the Police Station so when she came out, car was blocked by cops. The one who reported her...
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    For Parents I hate Summer Gym schedules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Maybe some states have minimum age for latchkey kids, which might extend to children 'traveling' alone? I don't really know, just guessing. Our state doesn't have min age to be left alone, but we don't have public transportation either. Most kids commute (i.e., driven by parent or caretaker)...
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    For Parents I hate Summer Gym schedules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Every summer, we mark countdown on our calendar to the END of summer schedule. Years ago, it was 9:30 or 10am, which totally mucked up my work schedule. For the past 3-4 years, it has been early morning. My kid drives herself but I still have to listen to the complaining about 7am practice (she...
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    For Parents Gym Switch Dilemma

    At 8 years old, of course she will want to stay in a familiar setting, but she will also settle into a new environment and make new friends. I waited too long with my oldest, and attribute that to her quitting at 14, but moved my younger DD at 10 to a new gym. In fact, yesterday was her 7th...
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    WAG Question regarding nationals and recording...

    I seem to recall this rule (or similar) being in place for the last 5 years that I've attended Easterns/JO's but they don't stop people in the stands from recording their own kids. That said, the photos and videos from John Cheng and his Team Photo staff are worth every penny! (My avatar pic...
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    WAG How Can You Tell Who Qualifies

    I believe they would leave the 7, if you had 8 due to a tie, since the true 8th (if ties were broken) would have been your alternate. Did your 9th get the swag? In my DD's age group, we had a tie at 6th so the 7th became 1st alternate but we had the unique situation of getting 2 spots for...
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    WAG Jesolo

    Here's a live blog from the meet
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    WAG Nationals qualifications

    I know Region 7 got 2 spots in R2 for Sr E, and one for Junior C....there may have been others but those are 2 I know for sure. Sr E in R2 only qualified 2 girls.
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    WAG UCLA Gymnastics

    It was so much fun to watch them live, and to see how they embraced Jovanna East at Regionals (the individual All-Arounder from Bowling Green) and cheered her on was heartwarming! Great team!
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    WAG Competition leo cost

    THIS ^^^ LOL. And ours are super blingy, custom leos that turns heads. And they are super expensive, replaced every 2 years.
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    For Parents Rest before states

    Our level 10's are asked to do light cardio if it's 2-3 days between practice/meet, but I don't think the lower levels do. It has never been a problem for my DD.