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    WAG Bruised balls of feet?

    I seem to be prone to bruised feet. Last year I dealt with bruised heels from back tucks on beam (obviously a separate problem involved since I shouldn't be landing flat foot on that skill!) but now it's the balls of my feet that feel bruised and painful to put pressure on. It came about when I...
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    Urgent help - GK shorts This website ships worldwide and carries GK shorts although it probably wont make it to you in time either.
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    WAG DD wants to quit:(

    From a gymnasts point of view- when I was 12 I cried and begged to quit for months too after giving up every other sport for gymnastics the summer prior. After a few months of hating gymnastics, my parents finally accepted it was what I wanted. I took a year off and eventually missed gymnastics...
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    2013 World Championships

    Pretty sure she's still out since her surgery so 2013 isn't looking too likely for her in my opinion.
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    2013 World Championships

    Because Ebee was injured and hasn't competed this year yet and Lexie just isn't clean/consistent enough in my opinion!
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    2013 World Championships

    I'd like to see our veterans, Kyla Ross and McKayla Maroney, along with Simone Biles and Brenna Dowell! Alternates being Elizabeth Price and Lexie Priessman.
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    best brand of leos for a long torso adult that is thin?

    Alpha Factor typically has a longer torso, although a very narrow butt/high leg cut. I'm very similar to you, 5'7'' and GK L/XL are short and wide. So if you wear shorts over your leo, alpha factor is a good choice!
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    WAG Anybody watching the Super Six right now?

    So happy for the Gators, what an AMAZING comeback!!! And congrats to Bridget for winning AA (and BB)!!! I'll going to miss college gymnastics and all the graduating seniors!
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    WAG I love gymnastics because...

    I love gymnastics because it's taught me how to set goals and work hard to achieve them, letting nothing get in my way. Gymnasts can push through and achieve anything we set our minds to. :)
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    WAG Fhs ft ft?

    This is definitely a problem I have... I'll stand in the corner of the floor going over everything I need to do but end up doing exactly what I've been doing, which would be flipping into the ground on the second tuck!
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    WAG Fhs ft ft?

    Thank you for the input! I'll definitely share with my coach. And dunno- I'm just not a great front tumbler (back problems) and struggle with fhs front layout as well. It usually ends up like an open pike / super hollow layout, I can't grasp the heal drive. Tips for that as well?
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    WAG Fhs ft ft?

    I just can't seem to land my front handspring - front tuck - front tuck on floor. I don't have a video but I'm looking for any advice from coaches. I have a high and powerful first front tuck then zero height on the second one, resulting in a super low and crouched landing or straight to my...
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    WAG Senior Gifts?

    I'm currently a senior and I would definitely appreciate a nice letter from my coach! Not a cheesy idea at all!
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    WAG Sole Impact Socks for Severs

    I guess I'm not the norm, but I love my sole impact socks! They can be a little slippery and move around on my feet but they absorb so much impact and I love them! They saved my feet when learning tucks on beam, vaulting, and doing simple tumbling. I agree with everyone else though, they...
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    WAG You haven't lived...

    LOL that worked for me!!! That beam became my life for a while after hearing my dad wanted to sell it on craigslist!