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    WAG Meet not telling girls their scores

    My opinion is that these serve more as a way to train towards a goal and manage progress as opposed to setting a bar that needs to be reached to progress to the next level. Goals, timeframe, effort, attitude and possibly pressure; the things our girls will need to understand and manage to be...
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    For Parents NJ Gym with Elite Path Recommendation

    NJ has many good choices but due to commute challenges, your location in the state will influence which are real options. I would suggest looking at mymeetscores for results at nationals Nastia Liukin cup to understand the level of coaching compared to your desires outcomes. The NJ usag...
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    WAG High Performance Camps & College Camps for Summer 2021

    Ryzer organizes many of the camps.
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    WAG USAG + FloSports

    The petition is a good idea. We should all boycott FloGymnastics and encourage others to do so as well.
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    WAG USAG + FloSports

    USAG announced they are partnering with FloSports. Last time I checked it was a $30/month subscription :( Hopefully there are other avenues to watch.
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    WAG Team awards

    Made the mistake of staying in the awards room too long and ended up with the guitar as a carry on this year. Had a few good laughs and learned a lesson
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    WAG Junior Olympics name change?

    Interesting and makes sense. Thanks for the information and insight!!
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    WAG Junior Olympics name change?

    Does anyone have information on why they are looking to rename JO?
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    For Parents Coronavirus

    Our gym changed from open to closed today. I updated my vote/poll response.
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    For Parents Coronavirus

    Still open
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    WAG What USAG should be doing

    The season is over for sure. It is unfortunate but hopefully just a disappointment and not a more significant event in life's journey. Universities needed to get everyone home before students were sick on campus and the responsibility of the university health system. It was really preemptive...
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    WAG Improvement! (Worst Meet Ever thread update)

    Sorry, I was being sincere but realize that it could be taken both ways. Good luck and best wishes.
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    WAG Improvement! (Worst Meet Ever thread update)

    Wonderful and congratulations to you on 3 kids in the sport... Gold medal for you :)
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    WAG Improvement! (Worst Meet Ever thread update)

    Congratulations, I hope your daughter is happy and proud of her accomplishments!! Dont worry too much about scores and moving levels, it is a long, hard sport and it is more important to learn the fundamental skills. Our daughter repeated level 4 and is now a level 10. She needed it. Our...