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    My story!!

    I like it! Keep writing! :)
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    Stalder Press

    ya, I guess thats really what I need to do. I just wish there was a quicker way. :P
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    Stalder Press

    I really want to get my stalder press. I can do one standing with out jumping but I can't seem to do one sitting. I think it might be a combination of strength and troubles with opening the shoulders. Any drills or conditioning would be helpful. :)
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    What are your goals?

    bars-cast handstand, clear hip to handstand, clean my current routine and skills floor-bigger set on round off flip flop tuck, 2 front handsprings, front handspring front tuck, back handspring step out, and stalder press beam-back walkover, full turn, english to side handstand dismount, more...
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    Straight Arm Kips

    Push down on the bar really hard as you are coming up. :D
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    14 year old with 7 and 8 year olds?

    Thats just about the same situation I was in! I started gymnastics when was 13 in a class with a bunch of 7 and 8 year olds. Everybody thought I wouldn't make it to a group with my own age. I now am training 5/6 and its only been 7 months (I am 14 now.) It does not matter what anyboby else says...
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    Got my roundoff backhandspring!!!

    Thats AWESOME!!! Good job!! I love it when that happens!!! :D :D
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    Tumble-A-Thon Tomorrow!

    Thats sounds really fun!! You're gonna do great!! :D :)
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    Funny Things People who don't do gym have said?

    haha yea that happens to me all the time!
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    Back extension roll!!!!!

    1. Pop open out of the roll really fast. Also when you start to roll back don't just sit straight down like you would do for a backward roll. You have to extend your legs and jump back a little. I have seen people do back extension rolls by just sitting down staight. Though, I don't because I...
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    Stupid Back Tumbling Mind Blocks

    Try giving her a week or two break from back tumbling. That has worked for me before. Sometimes thats all you need. :)
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    help me (:?

    I agree with kyragymnast. You should also have at least 5 pull ups and leg lifts. :)
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    help me (:?

    ugh i need to delete this extra post :P
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    Funny Things People who don't do gym have said?

    A while back I was telling my friend how i had just learned my punch front. Then she she asked me "whats that?" Then I said "front tuck." Then she said "whats that?" Then I said "front flip." Then she was like "ooooooooh" lol In my PE class we were doing gymnastics and on beam we had to have 4...
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    Fear and Undercutting?

    I used to do this too! I'd get nervous when I did it by myself and undercut. You might be undercutting because your changing your roundoff evertime you do it by yourself. Try to focus on reaching your hands really far when you do your roundoff. Thats how I finally fixed mine. You are supposed to...