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    WAG eating disorders

    I totally agree with this when you think of risk factors both internally and externally gymnastics can be a recipe for this. For instance: Internal factors 1) Female (statistically more likely than males to have eating disorders) 2) Obsessive, exact and perfectionistic personality (most...
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    For Parents Too many hours (gymnastics) / switch sports

    Great discussion everyone. I had some thoughts while reading: 1) I would talk to your child's teacher regarding what the homework expectations are. Where I live they are no more than 10 minutes a night per grade level from Gr 1- 8 (ie. original poster with a child in grade 5/6 would be 50-60...
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    For Parents Switching Gyms

    I had a few thoughts: 1) If you and your daughter want to switch gyms; I don't really think it is anyone's business. You're a customer and if you want to switch yearly that is up to you. 2) From a mental health perspective (I'm a children's therapist) I would caution you regarding gymnastics...
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    For Parents Would you move your gymnast to Canada?

    Moving to Toronto is a little like saying you are moving to New York. There are lots of places you can move to and lots of gymnastics gyms as well. Certainly, if you are choosing your location you could make it nearby to a gym especially if you aren't concerned about school options. In Toronto...
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    For Parents Cutting down hours

    Wow... a little late to the party but what an interesting read. OP- I'm glad it seems like your daughter and coaches have a plan in place for next year. Also, found your thoughts about wishing to have made a slower plan so she didn't get to level 10 and get bored so fast interesting. This...
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    For Parents Training hours during school time.

    I believe the initial poster is from Canada. Here in Ontario schools lose funding if they have to take someone "off role" this occurs when a student has been absent for 15 consecutive days without a medical exemption. So yes, technically that means you only have to attend school once every three...
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    For Parents Vacation

    Take the vacation as a vacation. There seems to be a narrative that taking time off from gymnastics is a bad thing. When I was young I did competitive figure skating which I feel has lots of parallels to gymnastics. Every year we got six weeks off (the entire month of April, last week of summer...
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    For Parents Is it time to let her move on? Daughter , level 7 has a new mental block each week.

    When my child's mental or physical health is at risk I make the rules. They can't eat chocolate or play videogames all day. They have to go to school. In this instance gymnastics is the cause of the mental stress. She is going for mental support for a 10yr old's recreational activity. In this...
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    For Parents Is it time to let her move on? Daughter , level 7 has a new mental block each week.

    Allow her to quit. Whether your family wants her to finish the season or not is up to you but personally I'd base it on how much time is left. Also, as much as we say it is competitive gymnastics at 10yrs old the purpose is largely recreational (and life-skill building although these can be...
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    For Parents Best to stay put, right?

    For what it's worth I'd say stay. Also if your gym is as lovely as you describe book a time to have a conversation with the coach/head coach about your questions regarding safety and what level coaches at the gym are able to coach until. My hunch is if your gym is as great as it sounds - they...
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    For Parents Ugh, the struggles continue. Need help/advice

    A few things popped into my head while reading your situation: A) "we should ride it out if she still liked going to the gym" I agree with this...if your daughter is happy, getting some physical activity and enjoying her time at gym, that's great. If her days are horribly frustrating and she is...
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    MAG Men- Cheerleading???

    He should explore it especially if he is a bigger guy and not super tiny. Generally for average or bigger guys the most difficult part of cheer is learning the tumbling. If he is a strong guy with a few lessons and an experienced flyer he should be able to learn to stunt pretty quickly.
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    For Coaches Inappropriate coaches

    1) If it is abusive then following your mandatory reporting in your state/country 2) Pass it on to higher ups in the gym via an e-mail so you have record of it each time. It doesn't have to be much (ie. Sara came to me last night with some concerns regarding the way Joe was spotting and felt...
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    For Parents Moving forward with tumbling block on beam

    I saw your post and wanted to reply to you (I'm a long-time lurker, parent of gymnast and also a children's mental health therapist and thought I might be useful...). 1) Yay for being injury free - such an exciting time for your daughter, let her enjoy it! 2) Working through anxiety of any type...
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    WAG Geddert charged with human trafficking

    I agree the trafficking charges are interesting. On pure speculation on my part I can only figure out a couple of scenarios where human trafficking seems to apply: Scenario 1 (which was not the case as the prosecutor has stated these are related to labor trafficking and not sex trafficking...