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    WAG Preschool gymnastics program

    Hi! So I've been coaching preschool gymnastics for about 7 years and the program at my gym has changed quite a bit. Before, for 3-4 year olds we used to do three seperate circuit. It was so that there were less kids with each coach. One was more focused on bar/hanging skills, one on...
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    WAG When your athlete gets injured

    Hey, So I have been coaching for six years now and none of my gymnasts ever got really injured. Except last Sunday. She over rotated a front somersault hit her head on her knee resulting in an orbital bone fracture and a concussion. I know it was an accident and I couldn’t have done anything...
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    WAG Throwing shoulders and head back in back tuck

    Hi! I'm struggling with some girls who are throwing their head and shoulders backwards when doing a standing back tuck as they would do in a backhandspring. Other than squeezing a sponge between your chin and neck and jumping straight up unto a pile of mats and then doing a tuck, what other...
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    WAG Injuries and roundoff back handspring

    Thank you for some great advice! I'll definitely be working harder until my technique is great.
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    WAG Injuries and roundoff back handspring

    Thank you very much for the encouragement! I'll try believe in myself instead of thinking I might hurt myself! :)
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    WAG Injuries and roundoff back handspring

    yeah I didn't mean actually strenghten my elbows just my arms and I'm in college so I'm not in school all day long!
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    WAG Injuries and roundoff back handspring

    Because obviously my first roundoff back handsprings aren't going to be technically perfect
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    WAG Injuries and roundoff back handspring

    So if I get stronger muscles in my arms, there should be less chances of injuries right?
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    WAG Injuries and roundoff back handspring

    Hi! I'm not in gymnastics, I'm in cheerleading but I still wanted an answer from gymnasts or gymnastics coaches since I trust those more. So my elbow are hyperextended elbows and it's really bad. I've been working on my roundoff back handspring for two years and my coach has been telling me that...
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    WAG Back Tuck Help

    I am aware that I am throwing myself backwards. When someone is spotting me, I am able to be way more vertical but I am too afraid to do it alone because I'm struggling to rotate when I jump straight up. Is it normal that I feel like it's harder to rotate when I jump straight instead of backwards?
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    WAG New ideas for warm up

    Hi! So I've been looking for fun ideas for warm ups for my groups. Nothing to complicated just something that they'll like doing and will be warmed up after. My girls are aged 9 to 14 and are recreational. Please tell me about anything you do with girls if you coach and anything you like to do...
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    WAG Back Tuck Help

    Hey! So I've done my back tuck yesterday from a block to a mat and I can actually land it on my feet! I know it's still not high enough but here's a video so maybe you can help me better!
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    WAG Back Tuck Help

    I do have it on a trampoline and I am talking about a standing back tuck. I think I might not be getting enough height because I'm not fully extending my body before I start rotating. Is it possible to do a back tuck without having your arms by your ears before rotating? Because everytime I...
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    WAG Help from coaches for more fun while training

    Thank you so much JBS that is such a cool game! Do you have any ideas of games on bars too?