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    Predictions for Olympic team

    Wieber Raisman Douglas Ross and ????
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    Chelsie Memmel Petition!!

    SIGN! She needs about 100 more signatures to go to...
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    What's LEFT in your meet gym bag

    Im so proud. Mine is clean (: Grip bag w/ grips Tiger paws Tennis shoes and shorts (for conditioning) First aid kit w/ band aids, empty neosporain. Tums and ibuprofen (for head/stomach) Heal cup, knee brace Almost empty tape Hair ties, comb, mini water bottle and hair spray :D
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    I love gymnastics!!!

    Yet at the same time I hate it! Hahah
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    Slip Disc as a result of Back-flips! HELP!

    I sorry Bog. :)
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    Slip Disc as a result of Back-flips! HELP!

    I have 2 bulging discs, and a hair line fracture in my L4 and L5 lumbar. Im not sure what caused it, as it was hurting from October 2011 and I was training through it... But then in March 2012 one day at gym I was vaulting then it just started hurt terribly bad and I could barely move to get...
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    I love gymnastics!!!

    ARG! I LOVE GYMNASTICS! :D After taking 3 months off on injury- It made me see how much gymnastics means to me! Leos are so fun, early morning and late night practices are so fun, grips and chalk are amazing... Ahhhh I LOVE GYMNASTICS!!!!!!!! :D
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    The Secret Classic

    You are right. Watching it during the meet I thought she looked like she was rolling her eyes, etc. But now that I go back, she doesn't throw a fit.
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    Shoulder problem with forward rolls

    OH dunno... Thats not very nice. :)
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    International Gymnastics Camp HELP!!

    1. I have flown by myself plenty of times due to family reasons. It is extremely nerve racking and scary (always for me), but just know that you will be ok! My mom works for Jetblue, and when a minor is traveling alone there is always a person that meets them and guides around, helps them, etc...
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    The Secret Classic

    I watched online as well, and it was a fun meet watch. I was very disappointment with Jordyn Wieber at this meet. I mean don't get me wrong, I have MAJOR Wieber fever... She is my all time favorite but there was something about her at this meet that I did not like. Her routines just didn't...
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    The Secret Classic

    Jordyn only competed UB and BB because she is already qualified to nationals, so they wanted to "save" her body I believe.
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    What do your friends think about gymnastics?

    My non gym friends just say I should quit before I get hurt again. LOL.
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    Feeling of wanting to "Move on"

    I just wanted to say that I made my decision... After many tears, and a lot of thinking, I have decided to continue gymnastics!! :D
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    Which compulsory skill is the hardest?

    Where is the flyaway? :) That was the hardest for me!