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    WAG Pros of Being Tall

    It can be height, especially on tap swings. We have some kids that are now straddling their tap swings since the bar can’t be any higher
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    WAG Pros of Being Tall

    I am 5’9, was about 5’5 when I started gymnastics i think. Things that were easiest for me were certainly jumps and leaps. I had a very decent split half jump on floor and was getting close to my split full. For reference, I couldn’t even do a back handspring. I was also always awarded for my...
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    For Coaches Training game: brainstorm/game design

    If you have an injured athlete, have them be a help coach. If you don’t, maybe pair the gymnasts up with each other, and let the non-performing give out points to the performer? Obviously, you have to make the expectations clear from the start, but I love having athletes help and ‘coach’ each...
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    Gymnastics speech

    Are their any requirements about what it should relate to, or is any topic OK?
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    WAG Anwsers Finally

    That’s great news, congratulations! I hope surgery goes well and you’ll be back in no time
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    Exercises for injured gymnast on trampoline?

    I wouldn’t let her go on the trampoline at all, it seems like a huge liability issue. There can always be a freak accident. Can you ask her doctor what she is allowed to do?
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    WAG Dropping chest in jumps

    What does your coach say?
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    Hi! Xcel Gold gymnast here! I'm Amelia

    Welcome! How old are you?
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    For Coaches Gifts for Coaches

    I absolutely love getting hand written notes or other personal things!
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    WAG Tips for higher casts?

    My 2 cents as a coach: you tell her you love her and are proud of her whatever she does, and that the skill will come given enough time. Doing drills at home can only reinforce bad habits. Bad habits are hard to break, that is one big struggle for both coaches and the gymnasts. That is the...
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    WAG Injuries

    Strength and prehab were my go tos. Limiting numbers on hard surfaces, really focusing on quality above quantity. Yet injuries still happen, sometimes you are just unlucky
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    For Coaches Kips - straddle vs. no straddle

    I teach both piked and straddled glides first and then start them on whatever kip works best. Most drills are still legs together
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    WAG 2019 World's Team - let's discuss

    The world cup route. Her scores will not count in the team finals at the olympics
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    WAG Back handspring on beam hand placement help

    Let her coaches deal with it. Your daughter is probably frustrated as it is. You pushing her and offering her (well meant) advice is not the right thing in this situation. I know you want to help but helping is not useful in this case. Good luck to your DD!