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  1. ldw4mlo

    WAG KIP timing

    Are you her coach?
  2. ldw4mlo

    For Parents Are gymnasts entitled

    I think anyone can be entitled. Mine is not, nor are her friends.
  3. ldw4mlo

    For Parents Vacation over training?

    If Covid taught us anything is you can take a week off. She can condition
  4. ldw4mlo

    For Parents Skills seem to be regressing as summer goes on

    Tell her it’s normal too.
  5. ldw4mlo

    WAG Turning Shoes

    Our gym requires gym shoes. I don‘t know the brand but we order multiple (about 3 on average) pairs per year. They do take a beating.
  6. ldw4mlo

    For Parents How can I figure out if my daughter is still into this? The pressure is on…

    First a head injury they didn’t immediately inform you of. Umm just no. I live in an area where there are many options for gymnastics from high JO hours to lower JO hours to high Xcel hours to really low Xcel hour. I’d have (and would have) a gym that worked for us. Our gym, after level 3...
  7. ldw4mlo

    For Parents Repeat level 4 at age 11

    Find another gym
  8. ldw4mlo

    For Parents USAG membership question

    Gym does it
  9. ldw4mlo

    WAG Coaches, what do you think of parents that watch the entire practice?

    There is a huge difference between a 6 yr old, 12 yr old and 16 year old. My kid just passed her road test. My days at the gym are pretty much done and I am thrilled. And to note, just because I don’t spend a ton of time at gym (now) I’m not uninvolved or unaware. I did the work when she was...
  10. ldw4mlo

    For Parents No more practice for me

    I’m stinking proud of her. And we are both ready to spread our wings a bit
  11. ldw4mlo

    For Parents No more practice for me

    My kid got her license :cool::p:D as I’m doing a happy dance.
  12. ldw4mlo

    WAG $500+ competition leo!?!?

    Oy Our gym basically after Level 3 all have the same Leo. And all levels have the same warm up. The only time we change is when the manufacturer discontinues the materials. So as the kids grow, we sell to the smaller kids. They get a Leo for about 100 and we offset the cost of the new size.
  13. ldw4mlo

    WAG $500+ competition leo!?!?

    We are about 500 for Leo and warmup. If you were to need all 3
  14. ldw4mlo

    For Parents Parent drama

    I hate being in the waiting room for exact that reason