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    For Coaches One handed valdez einhändiger Valdez

    A one-handed valdez is a C, I think! Ein einhändiger Valdez ist einem C-element, denke ich!
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    How can I learn a giant on the uneven bars?

    first, long hang pullovers from a cast. then baby giants (like a long hang pullover, but you finish it like a horizontal free hip). you don't need to start from a handstand or get a spot then go higher and higher with the baby giants (like you would a free hip to 45 degrees, then a free hip...
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    WAG Bra problems

    azara makes a great suggestion! I would just add that you should use a wide zig-zag stitch (if need be, you can do this by hand). if you use a straight stitch, the fabric will stretch but the seam will not, so it will rip. You could also try eloflex thread (a stretchy thread), but I don't know...
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    WAG What to wear under leotard?

    you can always cut a training bra at the side seams and sew the front half to the inside of the leo. cut off most of the straps so they reach the front neckline of the leo, and stitch them in place. if you know how to sew, or have a friend who does, it's a 10-minute job at most make sure...
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    For Parents Quilt with leos?

    Use medium-weight fusible interfacing. Cut out a square of leo fabric, and iron on a square of the interfacing. That way, it won't stretch. I do all of my sewing at home, though, so I don't know any companies to recommend. But it's certainly possible to do!
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    For Parents Level 8 Vaults

    Do you perhaps mean a front handspring onto the board, and then a front handspring over the vault? Like this, but without the extra front tuck at the end: In general, vaults with the front handspring onto the board are given a start value that is .1 higher than the "basic" version (just...
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    WAG Another L8/9 beam question

    BHS to two feet is a different skill than BHS step-out. So she's fine doing BHS(step-out)-BHS(step-out) for her series, and BHS(2-feet)-layout dismount. So she's good, but other options do include front dismount and gainers, off the side or end of the beam. Yes, she needs a forwards/sideways...
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    WAG Training in France?

    Found it! Yes, they do have lower-level programs ("poussines" would be the name of her group) I'm more than happy to help translate, but I would assume your gymnast's parents speak French.
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    WAG Training in France?

    I know that there's a gym in Dijon (Alliance 21?). That's a 40-ish minute drive, or 30-minute train ride on the TER (a good option if they won't have a car, but then and again it's france, and the SNCF is routinely on strike) I don't have any contacts there, but it would certainly be worth...
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    WAG Double Layout Off Uneven Bars vs. High Bar

    I think you might need some NAIGC decathlon athletes to weigh in :)
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    WAG Judges Question...

    Yep, I've overheard a lot of judges' conversations - very common to say "that one got a 9.6, this one was better, gotta go at least 9.65" "better" not necessarily meaning more difficult skills, but just overall performed better across the board, it seems that the most important thing is to...
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    WAG Sewing Scrunchies-What Kind of Elastic to Use?

    Well, it seems to be that #64 rubber bands in a big bag from staples is the answer! Thank you all for your help. They've lasted a few days, and I guess I'll update you all in a few months to see if they really hold up.
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    WAG Sewing Scrunchies-What Kind of Elastic to Use?

    Thank you! I tried serging all 4 layers together but something would always slip out of place-perhaps i'll try serging one end of the elastic to each side, and then putting the two groups of elastic+fabric all together. That would definitely save time, and I hate stitching together two skinny...
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    WAG Sewing Scrunchies-What Kind of Elastic to Use?

    That's, umm, not efficient and not well-suited for gym scrunchies. You don't want to spend your life pinning lycra and regular-machine stitching the small seams-these need to be made on a serger so that the seams will stretch and not pop. I know how to sew them together, just looking for advice...
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    WAG Sewing Scrunchies-What Kind of Elastic to Use?

    Hi, I've decided to start sewing scrunchies with the leftover strips of fabric from leo-making for some of my teammates! I just made a cute one using 1/4 inch elastic, but it's not stretchy enough. The scrunchies I've bought all have way stretchier elastic (especially snowflake and melody...