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    WAG Platinum beam requirements

    Platinum minimum requirements are the same as JO level 6 basically. I believe (not 100% certain) platinum requirements include a minimum of at least 6 A valued skills and at least one B valued skill including the mount and dismount 1) at least an A valued mount. Yours would qualify. 2) full...
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    WAG Deductions...

    It's great to try and figure out what deductions she got and what to correct for the future, but honestly, so many girls get "10th-d to death" in levels 4 and 5 then go on to score much better in optionals. My own daughter for example came into JO as a level 4 from xcel silver and it was...
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    WAG Level 8 Beam Questions

    Totally helpful. Mount is a simple A mount, and changement is what some people call flutter jump? Basically yes, a straight jump with beats (hope that makes sense). seems quite hard to connect switch leap split jump, so another B valued jump connected to the split jump might be a better choice...
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    WAG Level 8 Beam Questions

    wow such great in formation! so for level 8 routine A mount BHSBHS single turn split jump/changement ROBLO dismount would either FWO or switch leap make it meet requirement? or would gymnast need both?