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    For Parents First floor music?

    Hedwig's Theme from Harry Potter
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    WAG Optional Requirements Out

    And I think the fwo-ro is a good set up for level 8 as both are B skills
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    WAG Optional Requirements Out

    Fear issues here to, another option FWO RO.
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    WAG Optional Requirements Out

    I would think so the RO is the flight element and the cartwheel the acro with or without flight in the series. I really did not see any difference in level 7 except a optional pirouette on bars
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    WAG Optional Requirements Out

    Cartwheel roundoff was my daughter series for level 7 last year
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    WAG Optional Requirements Out

    I have a question, so in the optional beam a special requirement is the 180 split jump which I see is a B skill, does that then count toward the required number of B skills needed? 2 in level 7 and 4 in level 8?
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    WAG Optional Requirements Out

    Am I reading it right that level 7 can pirouette on bars, but it is not required?
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    WAG What does your gym do to make your home meet special?

    We hosted our first meet this last November, and while we (I) was getting results ready, our optional girls lead the girls that were waiting for awards in Zumba. Everyone loved it, even some of the visiting coaches joined in.
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    WAG What Computer Software Does Your Gym Use?

    iClass Pro is what we use and then have a printer that connects with a USB cable
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    OT Anyone going to Harley (Milwaukee) this weekend?

    Yeap heading down this afternoon for the 5pm level 7 session. Hoping DD brings her straight leg giants with her.
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    WAG Back Extension on Beam?

    My DD had fear issues with BWO on the beam, did them for a few months, then just stopped. So for level 6 she did back extension roll. We also had a girl with a back injury who could not do BWO do the back extension roll, and also one with poor shoulder flexability.
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    WAG You haven't lived...

    My hubby will say springing a trampoline at the bottom of the pit. I think he still has scabs on his elbows where his skin scraped off again the concrete walls.
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    For Parents Competition Season approaches

    No fall season for my daughter as she is level 7 this winter, but I am meet director for out gym and we are hosting our first home meet in November, so I have plenty to keep me busy this fall.
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    Chelsie Retired??

    I am wondering if Chellsie will be at one of my daughter's meet this upcoming season judging as we are from WI. That will sure be weird to see if she is.
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    Summer Camp Time

    That time of year again, summer camps. Who is going, when and where? DD and I will be heading to Lake Owen week 3 for our 5th year. I am camp nurse again, a position that I absolutely totally love.