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    Neck pain

    My neck always feels sore. What kind of stretches can I do? Is this normal? It isn’t always excruciating pain (it can be). Is there anything else you recommend?
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    How to get over flipping fears

    Hello I am a nervous (cautious) person. I used to be able to do flips but I took a break. Now I am getting back into tumbling again. I used to do a Standing Back Tuck and Roundoff Back Handspring Back Tuck without even thinking. But now I am hesitant to do it. I’m worried I’ll die from it. Isn’t...
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    How to get over flipping fears

    Hello! I was a gymnast for a few years (I still love the sport and admire people like Simone and Aly) but now I am doing cheerleading since the gymnastics team at my school was very competitive. However after I quit gymnastics I took a whole year off for a break. I didn’t do any sport that...