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  1. Pigeon

    WAG Sylvia P leos

    Does anyone have any experience with the Sylvia P competition leos with the built in shelf bra? Thoughts?
  2. Pigeon

    MAG Men's college recruiting - Academies vs Other Colleges

    My son is entering his sophomore year in high school, so he's starting to think more seriously about college gymnastics. He's currently really interested in the Naval Academy or West Point. What are the real differences between recruiting for colleges vs. the academies?
  3. Pigeon

    MAG 2022 US Classics

    Very cool! Were you there with family/friends? We were watching on TV the other night and my husband noticed a single woman spectator in the background and he said "that lady is just loving this. Cheering on everyone!" :cool: (But we also couldn't believe how few people were actually in the...
  4. Pigeon

    WAG What new changes in the code of points?

    As Sylvia said, the actual full dismount off the end of the beam is still a B, and doing the aerial in front of it still fulfills the level 10 dismount requirement of a "B dismount directly connected to a minimum C acro flight/dance element". That dismount does incur a 0.05 deduction for being...
  5. Pigeon

    WAG Need value of level 10 leap combination on beam

    Another edit! I was thinking the tour jete was just 180 deg, not the 360, if it's a full 360 deg turn (ie. tour jete plus 1/2) it is an E, so in that case it would be: E + A + E The E + A gets 0.1 The A+ E gets 0.1 And the first E would get 0.2 bonus, the second E would get 0.2 for 0.4 bonus...
  6. Pigeon

    WAG Need value of level 10 leap combination on beam

    That second combo should read: D + A + E The D + A gets 0.1 The A+ E gets 0.1 And the D would get 0.1 bonus, and the E would get 0.2 for 0.3 bonus So total = 0.5 bonus
  7. Pigeon

    WAG Need value of level 10 leap combination on beam

    The split jump is just a B after the switch leap, so that combo would be C B E; and the tour jete 1/2 is a D, so that combination would be D A E. C + B + E The C + B gets 0.1 The B + E gets 0.2 And the E gets a 0.2 bonus So total = 0.5 bonus D + A + E The E + A gets 0.1 The A+ E gets 0.1 And...
  8. Pigeon

    For Coaches How to fix this handstand shape

    I say "wings in", because that shape makes me think of them having wings :p I would have them do the handstand against the wall (belly to the wall), then you tap on that spot on their body so they can feel where the correction needs to be made; and then have them push through their hands on the...
  9. Pigeon

    For Parents 5 Things Every Gym Parent Should Know?

    NAIGC: Our gym has traditionally put banners on the wall for gymnasts that go to college (boys and girls). For the first time, they put up the banner of a gymnast that did club gymnastics all through college!
  10. Pigeon

    MAG Meets this weekend?

    We normally do Navy, but our coach opted for West Point this year. We are doing a smaller instate meet this weekend. My son has a number of friends at the host club, so he is looking forward to seeing them. Good luck to all the boys competing this weekend!
  11. Pigeon

    For Parents 5 Things Every Gym Parent Should Know?

    How about attracting more coaches to post as well? I'm here as a parent, but I'm also a coach and I really like hearing how other coaches do things and their tips and tricks. I've learned a lot. If I'm doing an internet search for some obscure code clarification question, or trying to find...
  12. Pigeon

    MAG Which level? Or can a L8 be successful without twisting?

    I agree with skschlag, if other events are fine he'd be OK with 8 or 9 and no twisting. Easier and super clean go a loooong way in level 8 and 9!
  13. Pigeon

    MAG New England / New York Gyms

    Albany-ish area has World Class Gymnastics Academy and Ace Gymnastics with boys teams. I think Bright Raven is also near Rochester.
  14. Pigeon

    MAG Nationals

    Maybe I'm overly emotional, but that put some tears in my eyes! Congratulations to him, awesome. Love that.
  15. Pigeon

    MAG Rotation Sheets for Nationals

    Ahh, so 1J is junior, 1S is senior in the session. Got it!