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    For Parents Understanding the decision criteria for movement between JO and Xcel programs

    We move kids between DP and Diamond on occasion, but not due to age or group numbers. The most common example is when a gymnast in either level 7 does not have all of the skills on all of the events to move to the next level, but does have some of the skills. We see this as a way to compete the...
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    OT Height observations: Gym vs. "outside world"

    My DD at 5'7" was always one of the very tallest at the gym and therefore thought of herself as a tall person. Then she became a thrower in track and field and learned, according to her track coach and teammates, that at 5'7" and 143 pounds she is "tiny."
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    For Parents Travel: Flights Cancelled & Rising Costs (Time To Worry?)

    So true about hotel prices! My daughter attends college out of state in an urban location and I have always been able to book a hotel I like that is near campus for under $200 a night, often for less than $150. Just went to book a room for move in and also for parents weekend and it was $280 a...
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    For Parents Thoughts on Visiting Gyms for Training While Out of Town

    Most years we take a very low key vacation to Asheville NC spending time with family, taking hikes and eating good food. During those trips my daughter loved to visit local gyms for a couple of workouts as she was not missing out on any vacation fun and also tended to get bored with all of the...
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    OT Track & Field Forum?

    I would be interested. I have a former gymnast competing track and field at a D3 school.
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    For Parents Spin-off from College Thread - Can we talk D3?

    We have had 4 gymnasts from our gym compete for D3 schools in recent years. They absolutely loved their experiences, both academically and athletically. They had wonderful supportive coaches and teammates and really made the most out of their experiences. All had been accepted into the premier...
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    For Coaches Season-end gift ideas

    I love getting framed pictures of the team, or a photobook. I had a beautifully framed picture of one group proudly displayed in my office at my fulltime job for years, until one day I looked at that picture and realized that the youngest kids on that team were now turning 30 and having their...
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    Anon The mean girls want to follow dd to the new gym

    I agree with showing the messages ahead of time. As a coach, I would absolutely want to know that there was a potential issue. I do not think it makes you look bad, or that you are "bad mouthing" these gymnasts. I am a very direct person, so before allowing these gymnasts on my team I would...
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    WAG Bar Adjustments for JO Levels?

    Same for us with fig and "big." For practice, we keep at least one set of bars at each setting as we have kids in all levels that use both settings. At meets we either do blocked time by setting, or the coaches work really hard moving the bars during warm up.
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    For Parents Meet Concessions

    Love this option. I am generally a health food person, but they sell this at the high school state track meet in my state every year and I buy it every year. Yum!
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    For Parents 5 Sports To Try After Gymnastics!

    Generally very true about throwing! My daughter is actually relatively tall (at 5'9" very tall for a gymnast and average for throwers on her team) but she is probably 40 pounds lighter than her teammates. However, one of her high school throws coaches was a former gymnast who turned into a...
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    For Parents 5 Sports To Try After Gymnastics!

    I think I may have posted on this thread already, but my daughter is doing track in college and her intention was to do what she focused on in high school - the throws (shot put, discus, hammer, javelin). However, the new women's coach found out about her gymnastics background and decided she...
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    Anon Order of kids for events

    I mostly am responsible for beam and floor competition orders. I like to start with someone who I am pretty confident will stick beam and I like to start with a fun and engaging floor routine. I used to go way beyond this plan and would try to be very strategic with my orders. I would carefully...