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    NCAA Current UCLA Situation (Alexis Jeffery Transfer)

    We have many black and Asian gymnasts in our gym and never had have any incidents. I think its has to do with the management of the program. If they have a blanket enforced rule that racism is not tolerated it stays that way. A kid has once been suspended from the team temporarily for a string...
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    For Parents First meet this season!

    Is she going to the national team camp this month? Let us know how it goes!
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    For Parents First meet this season!

    Ha! Wish I could watch their routines only after i know their scores!
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    For Parents First meet this season!

    Hey all let's chat! Assuming most of your gymnasts have competed by now, how did your first (and second) meets go? Ill start! DD1 had an amazing meet, some beam issues but overall very good. She was extremely proud when she worked out if she had a beam similar to last year she would have been...
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    College Gymnastics Forum?

    I follow as much college as my kids do. A lot of parents can probably say the same. My kids are allowed to choose one college meet to watch each weekend, I sometimes watch with them. I would be happy to discuss the meet I saw that week but don't have a vast knowledge of NCAA teams as don't...
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    WAG Can a gymnast compete if they are missing one skill?

    Yes she can compete missing a skill. Will get a big deduction for it. I'm assuming in level 3 she is competing for experience so her scores won't matter to her too much. Of course it is ultimately up to her coach.
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    College Gymnastics Forum?

    Many of us have future NCAA gymnasts and would appreciate help and advice in the recruiting process, though that is a totally different slant
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    Private Area On ChalkBucket Again?

    Same!! I also second all said above about privacy online.
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    For Parents 5 Things Every Gym Parent Should Know?

    Definitely! Personally I have been pretty anonymous on here, wouldn't disclose my daughters' names, gym etc bc i know thousands of random ppl see itand i want to protect their privacy and safety! If we had an area not viewable to guests i would be more personal.
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    For Parents Following Meet Scores

    Ask your coaches/the host gym/check their website. Likely it will be posted on meetscoresonline
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    NCAA Nya Reed Gets Her Wish (Perfect 10)!

    Watched that too! I don't think either one deserved a 10 but I'm happy for them! Don't forget Trinity's vault. That was truly 10.0 worthy
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    For Parents Following Meet Scores

    I'm trying it now... still nothing doing. Are you all still getting no results for live meets?
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    For Parents Following Meet Scores

    He said neither the website nor the app were working. Thanks for the sympathy:)
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    For Parents Following Meet Scores

    Hi just wanted to ask you which website you use to follow meet scores? I know about meetscoresonline and (though that one is painfully lacking). My hubby was trying to follow my DD's meet this weekend. It was on Myusagym app but seems like the app was down - does anyone know...
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    For Parents First level 9 meet concerns

    Its level 10, 10 and 7!!. My level 7 is competing later today so will see how that goes. My other 2 are competing next weekend. So we're travelling 2 weeks in a row. All the other meets we're going to all the optionals in our gym go together so that should be easier (besides state etc.). You...