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    NCAA When does a kid need to start thinking about NCAA recruiting?

    Above. To be clearer she should be posting competition videos on Instagram or YouTube by this time and can email coaches, although they may not reply to her until June of her Sophomore year.
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    For Parents

    Is the website down, or is it just me?
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    For Parents Bruise from bars

    Tape that area every day? Would only work if that doesn’t bother her.
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    For Parents confused myself.. (US Elite Athlete Geography)

    So you think we should have more divisions; 8.25, 8.5, 8.75, 9 …?
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    For Parents Spin Off The "Confused" Post, Question about Elite Training

    If there are no gyms within commuting distance which would agree to coach elite, you would have to move. That being said if you’re putting so much time and money into elite gymnastics I would go to a tried and tested elite gym, not your backyard one which hasn’t trained optionals yet.
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    For Parents Featured Age/Level and Path they took to get there

    DD just skipped 4 > 7 last year, but will be repeating 7 this year as she spent part of the season injured and isn’t fully ready for 8. No rush though, she’s little. So going the fast track doesn’t always end up being faster.
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    For Parents Featured Age/Level and Path they took to get there

    DD1: Got into gymnastics at 5, did basically one level a year and reached level 10 at age 13. Had an outstanding season last year and has committed to a ‘top’ college team. DD2: Got into gymnastics age 3.5, did 2 years of level 7 (injury) and then skipped level 8. Reached level 10 at age 12...
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    For Parents Compulsory Level 2-4 Gym DFW

    I’ve heard some negative things about KT. But l’m sure there are plenty of stories in WOGA too
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    For Parents How often do you get new leos?

    Usually every 2 years. I know many gyms which were supposed to get new leos in the year post covid and either weren’t in the gym early enough to order the leos, or didn’t compete much that year. It seems strange to do every year.
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    WAG Ready for level 10?

    Many girls compete layout Yurchenkos for level 10. We occasionally even see a piked one. Both of mine competed a layout for their first year or two of lvl 10.
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    Anon Should Hugs be Expected?

    Your DD should initiate fist bumps or claps instead. Those are the norm in our gym. Also, if the coach is insisting on it, that is a red light.
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    Anon Featured Anonymous Posting (Test It Out)

    Will be controversial, but I think all replies besides the original poster shouldn’t be anonymous. We all want to know who is giving the advice.
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    WAG Ready for level 10?

    Go with L10 then imo!
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    Anon Safe Sport

    1. Makes no difference whether your kid is Elite or not. But it just strengthened the point. 2. Emotional harm can be worse long term than physical harm. And, if that’s what you see, how do you know worse stuff isn’t going on behind closed doors? 3. I would not go to a gym which allowed an...