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  1. sce

    WAG Coaches taking over from other groups...

    Why didn’t your coach just say No?
  2. sce

    For Parents L10 gymnast (The Reality Of College Gymnastics)

    That is frustrating. Especially considering how talented your gymnast is. But yes, the media will likely talk more about the Olympic champion as opposed to the other athletes on the team. I will say, the gymnastics media I read and listen to for sure talked about your kid too.
  3. sce

    WAG Coaches taking over from other groups...

    Gyms should have a defined rotation system for who is using which equipment at any given time. It is common though fur gyms to have groups stretch and conditions on the side, so other groups can use the floors
  4. sce

    For Parents Leo sizing help

    Always look for a size chart. Each company has it’s own sizing system. Measure your child and compare to the size chart. For leotards the most important measurement is the torso (from should through crotch back to shoulder)
  5. sce

    MAG Distracted During Class

    Ask to talk to the coach with your son. Explain to the coach that your son wants to improve and move up. Have the coach explain what he needs to do - your son needs specifics though- For example: stay on task at each station, keep his eyes on the coach and listen when the coach is...
  6. sce

    WAG A Chalkbucket baby all grown-up

    So amazing to see this. Congrats lovofu...
  7. sce

    For Parents Ugh, the struggles continue. Need help/advice

    Along with her therapist, connect with a mental trainer. Likely one-on-one season would be best for her. I wi see if a gym change would still be best. Negative coaches are not going to make this better for her.
  8. sce

    For Parents New to gymnastics - coaching concerns

    What is your concern with male coaches? Just being male does not make them a danger to girls. There are many male coaches in this sport. My 18yo son teaches both boys and girls beginner gymnastics. Does the gym have protocols in place so athletes are never alone with coaches.
  9. sce

    WAG Front aerial help

    It would be difficult to give advice without seeing it. Likely it has something to do with how you are taking off.
  10. sce

    For Parents Beam series level 7/8 and moving forward

    It is a bit concerning to me because many series can meet the requirement. As well, sone kids can’t tolerate doing beam backwalkover and it could lead to back to injury
  11. sce

    For Parents Moving skills from strap bar to real bar?

    How long it takes to move to real bar can vary a lot. The coach may want to see a certain shape or technique being done consistently before moving the skills.
  12. sce

    MAG Meets are posting

    Yes they should send videos. Do not add the music, they don’t want to hear it.
  13. sce

    Are CA gyms affected?

    Gymnastics has not fallen under recreational team sports.
  14. sce

    Would you send your DD - sick girl at gym?

    I said many not all.
  15. sce

    Would you send your DD - sick girl at gym?

    And that is only if you recover in those 14 days!