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    Starting gym Again

    when i quit i was training level 6 but thats australian. i was doing round-off whip flick sault on floor and working handspring layout; i was doing round off on beam and working flick layout; piked tsukahara and handspring front on vault; and lay-out flyaways and clear hip to handstand on bars...
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    Starting gym Again

    Thanks Everyone Hey, well thanks everyone for the replies, they were really interesting especially from the people who hav been in the same situation. just cause you asked, i have been back twice now and am starting really slow, only 10 hours a week, and it feels great. i was a bit sore after...
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    Starting gym Again

    Hey, Just a question mostly to the coaches and maybe gymnasts. i quit gym over 10 months ago an am now really missing it but i am scared that when i go back i will have lsot all my skills, strength and flexibility. i was just hoping for some input from others who have done the same thing or who...
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    Preventing Rips

    This may contradict what everyone has said, but i was told never use moisturizer, it moistens the skin too much and makes them softer and easier to rip. i bought vitamin E liquid capsules that are meant to be eaten and stuck a pin in them and put that liquid on my hands. sounds gross but since i...
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    breaking in new grips

    When i first got grips i did a heap of tap swings and back-hip-circles. these really help aswell cause it ges your hands used to the grips as youre breaking them in. just a tip, DONT WASH THEM. my friend did and they shrunk to doll size.
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    Time to get grips?

    I would recommend the dowel grips aswell. I got them when i started level four and now can't do bars without them. I also have the velcro because i found these easier to adjust but it is a matter of personal preference. the hook and loop ones sound interesting though. i have never heard of them...
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    your fav song

    Ok so mine is kinda all over the place too Lips of an Angel- Hinder Big Girls don"t cry- Fergie Photograph- ??? Gypsies Tramps and Thieves- Cher (very old but cool) Stacy"s mum- ?? (another old one but again cool) ... many more (I withhold the right to edit and change these at any time:D)
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    My coach

    :( The only thing you can do is to pull them out on it. what do you mean by showing favoritism?? Are they only paying attention to one person, or what?? if it is really bad maybe u should talk to the head of your gym or get your parents to.
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    How do you foster a good relationship w coach

    Just from a gymnasts perspective, i completely agree with gymnastraerae87. sometimes when you are in a gym and your not the best in your group, though you may be able to do skills your coach doesn"t know, telling them in front of the whole group would seem like showing off. a private lesson...
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    Worlds live on CCTV5

    Worlds in Aus. Does anyone know if they show Worlds in Australia. i really want to watch it but not sure if they broadcast it.
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    your fav movie

    A few of my favourites are- Save the last dance Dirty Dancing Cutting Edge- Going for Gold Nastia Comaneci- non-fiction film but very cool
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    it was really funny. At our gym, one of the girls broke her arm. everyone who was in the gym had to go to this counselling session because supposedly we were supposed to be traumatised and the counsellor asked if anyone had ever broke a bone and not one person raised there hands. it was really...