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    WAG Grips-do you really need two pair?

    Think about it as buying the next pair early. Having 2 will help if one breaks. Having two won't cause any harm but I doubt it is necessary to have 2 on hand. I never had a grip break personally.
  2. Splat

    WAG Front Tuck Flip, how to envision hips and glutes

    I was once told to try and hit my bottom on the ceiling... not sure if it was the right advice but it helped me
  3. Splat

    For Parents Gymnastics after HS

    Chellsie Memmel has a lot of youtubes about adult gymnastics to look into.
  4. Splat

    For Coaches Needing coaching advice

    So I am graduating from college this year and my plan has always been to leave my job coaching and get a job in my degree. I have been pretty burnt out coaching this year and have honestly been looking forward to the new career path. However, I just learned that our upper level coach is leaving...
  5. Splat

    WAG How to start as an adult?

    I'm in a Facebook group for adult gymnasts that may be able to help you its called Just like fine wine... Adult gymnastics group something that you might want to check out
  6. Splat

    WAG Back handspring: Hands Starting position

    The idea behind starting with your arms in front and not by your ears is that it helps with connecting stills. For example you can't connect a roundoff to the back handspring if you swing your arms. So you would practice landing your roundoff with your arms out then when connecting the would be...
  7. Splat

    For Coaches Yurchenko round off mat recommendation

    Our gym has never had anyone compete this skill, but a few practice it and we used the Simone biles sting mat. on the back it has a pretty firm side that is similar to the mats I have seen at meets.
  8. Splat

    WAG Round off vs twisting direction

    So I know very little about twisting, but I have learned that a left leg roundoff actually twist to the right. This confused me a lot when I first learned this, but in this instance to me being a lefty and twisting right makes since. again I know very little about twisting so I may be completely...
  9. Splat

    WAG Backhand spring archy back

    Just assuming here so I may be wrong, but if someone is over arching on their back handspring it usually leads to under cutting. If this is the problem then she just needs to stretch everything out. having here start in a spot and try to get her hands onto a line could help with this problem...
  10. Splat

    WAG 4 inch or 8 inch air track?

    The 8 inch are designed so that they are the same height as a panel mat or most landing mats. I have an 8 inch mat and when used for at home use hate how high it is when starting on the ground. The girls love using it at the gym as we can line up panel mats form them to start on and they don't...
  11. Splat

    For Coaches Curvature of the spine

    I have a small curvature in my spine too and it made back walkovers on beam painful. I personally feel like when doing back walkovers on beam you have to have more back flexibility and you can't be crooked. these can cause the skill to be harder on beam than floor.
  12. Splat

    WAG Side aerial help? Keep falling on my knee!!!

    you need to set up more before starting the skill. you also need to think about landing facing the direction you started. practicing needle kicks should help you get your feet over faster
  13. Splat

    WAG Grips

    I have used velcro and double buckle. I don't really have a preference. I felt like I adjusted my velcro grips quite a bit where as once I put on my buckle I don't mess with the tightness until I take them off. I have never used the single buckle and probably never will I like having two ways to...
  14. Splat

    WAG 2021-2029 Compulsory Program

    I personally don't like having the cartwheel step in instead of the round-off in level 2. I also don't like how similar the level 1 and 2 bar routines are. The last thing I don't like is going from a normal backward roll in level 1 to a back push up roll in level 2. I with level 1 was a pike...
  15. Splat

    WAG XG door deductions?

    the main deductions I saw were the landing on the back tuck and front tuck. On back the back tumbling you rebound backward quite a bit and on the front you take multiple steps. I am not a judge but that what I saw.