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    WAG Level 8 Beam Questions

    Okay thank you so much!
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    WAG Level 8 Beam Questions

    I have been trying to do some research on Level 8 beam and I am still quite confused about the requirements. Here is the routine... -Press handstand mount (held for 2 seconds) -bhs-bhs -switch leap -full turn -tuck jump flutter -front tuck dismount Would this routine be considered "up to level"...
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    WAG Extremely Tall Female Gymnasts

    Personally I am 5'7" (almost 5'8") and same with Kyla Ross (basically one of the best gymnasts in the country). The trick to being a tall gymnast is finding skills you are good at because a lot of times there are certain skills that just don't work for you. Being a tall gymnast if you can...
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    WAG Level 9 Beam Series

    So I am training for level 9 and I have always struggled with back handspring series. Now it seems like most level 9 gymnasts seem to be competing bhs-bhs or bhs-back lay. I have seen in the rules that a "restricted d element" is allowed. Does that mean I can compete something like a front...