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    Hi, There has been a lot of talk about weight lately on this board, and it's fine but it does not matter what your height is. Everyone has an individual healthy weight and in order for you to know that you need to speak with a nutritionist. Please do not go and try and lose weight because...
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    How tall are you!?!?!?

    I was 5'7'' in my second year as a level 10.
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    diving boards

    Most divers are either former gymnast or curent gymnast. But lately a lot swimmers are starting diving because they see the divers practicing and it looks fun! I am pretty sure almost everyone on the USA national team has done some sort of tumbling or gymnastics. If not gym, then they started...
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    Usually the harder conditioning is done in the summer to build up strength, and when the season starts the goal is to maintain the strength they got during their summer training. Out of season you can focus on learning new skills and working to gain strength and flexibility but in season the...
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    Story Written by a Gymnast

    toriluvsgym0618- Good luck with your wrist, I hope it's nothing major and you heal up quickly. (btw nice name :))
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    Make It or Break It --- ABC Family --- June 22nd 9/8c

    The episode tonight was soo much better! It made you wanna watch the next episode :)
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    Missing school?

    When I was a compulsory gymnast up until around level 9 I only missed for competitions.. and that was just a Thursday or Friday. Around level 9 or 10 I was homeschooled for a year and I was diving as well (went back to public school my freshman year after training 7 hours a day). When I...
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    Congrats Tori!

    Thanks everyone so much for the support! I was really shocked to have received this title or award, but extremely pleased of course. I love this site and still love gymnastics even if I'm not able to train anymore. Thanks again, Tori
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    Final exam exemptions

    My high school exempts seniors from finals the second semester if they have missed two or less days of school and have at least a C in that class. This means I had to take my finals since I missed over 20 days.. opps. I think it should just be by how well they are doing in the class. Oh well...
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    You can do both gym & track!!!Brag alert

    Congratulations to your daughter, that is so great! I'm really glad that your daughter was able to do two sports.. I think it's important to be involved in more than one sport or at least have another hobby on the side of gymnastics. My parents allowed me to be in two sports and piano so when i...
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    Imke Glas

    YouTube - Imke Glas maakt eerste stappen in loopbrug This is just a little while after her accident showing her walking. YouTube - Imke's back! This is a video of Imke 9 months after her accident. She is the one in all black. So incredible to watch. Unbelievable recovery and I am so...
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    Gymnasts doing other sports good or bad idea?

    I think it's a great thing that she is trying something new and enjoying herself. Until late 2007 (I'm 17) I have always done more than one sport.. I have been a power tumbler, gymnast, swimmer, ran track, and now I dive. Swimming was always in the morning and it never conflicted with...
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    Homework advice when training 25 hours a week?

    This question is so common among gymnast and other athletes. I remember being that nine/ten year old level 7/8 trying to go to school and gymnastics while keeping up with homework and sleep. I don't remember it being too hard until I started middle school and the hours increased in the gym...
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    My spring break has been just AMAZING...

    Aw! I'm so sorry your break has been awful. I hope you were able to get a little bit while out shopping with your family. And I also hope that you feel better soon :cool:. Let us know when you get to go home!
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    how many meals a day?

    I tend to eat around 3 meals and 1-2 snacks a day. Breakfest before school, lunch, then I coach for a few hours and have a snack on the way to practice. And I eat dinner after practice. If I have morning practices I have a lot more little meals. I'll have a small snack (yogurt and juice)...