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    For Parents Looking for blog/column topic requests!

    I think it would helpful to have a list of the A, B, C, etc skills and how many are required in a routine for each level in Optionals. You could focus on one apparatus per blog post.
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    For Parents Meet theme ideas

    I saw a Lucky Charms themed one. Lots of bright colors within that one. A lot of the volunteers were wearing rainbow striped socks.
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    Coaches and masks

    @kendo348 then you probably should keep your child home and not attend meets. When you agree to attend a meet, you are agreeing to risks. There’s no way to know if every gym at a meet is in full compliance with training in masks. You said yourself you don’t know for sure if everyone in your gym...
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    Coaches and masks

    I very much agree with this. But at the meet, if all teams are required to wear masks and maintain six feet of distance and using hand sanitizer and their own chalk, then it shouldn’t matter if there are teams that train without masks. And yes while your gym may require masks at practice, do...
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    WAG Geddert charged with human trafficking

    @NutterButter do you think it makes somewhat of a difference that Geddert’s victims were minors and NCAA gymnasts typically aren’t?
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    WAG Winter Cup Women

    Anyone know which women will be competing in the Winter Cup?
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    For Parents Questions about gymnast's path

    This is just my opinion and you can take it and do what you want with it, but I personally would hold off on private lessons. This sport only gets more expensive the longer you stay in it and privates at her age and level just aren’t necessary. You are so close to the end of a season, and lots...
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    WAG Geddert charged with human trafficking

    I think the human trafficking charges are probably the reason that charges were longer in coming. I imagine they wanted an airtight case and were probably making sure every “t” was crossed. I’m only sorry the victims won’t get their day in court. Hopefully his fall from grace and the knowledge...
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    WAG Shorts During Competition

    Even if this passes and shorts are allowed, it will still be up to the gym to decide competition attire. As most gyms like a uniform look, I doubt many gyms will allow the option of purchasing shorts and having some in shorts and others not. I prefer the leotard only aesthetic, but I’m not...
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    For Parents Questions about gymnast's path

    I think it helps to think of gymnastics like a marathon. If you start off going too fast and hard, you’ll burnout and quit before the race is over. There are a lot of seasoned parents here with much wisdom to share, whose daughters have made it to college/level 10. Please listen to the sound...
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    WAG Tell me about the underdogs

    My daughter was diagnosed with a mild form of femoral anteversion, which is an inward twisting of her femur bones. While her daily life is not impacted, it means that her legs are incapable of completely straightening and forming those beautiful lines that everyone loves to see from gymnasts...
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    For Parents Gym World

    I guess I can understand an owner wanting a heads up to know if there was an issue with unpaid bills or if this child/family could potentially create problems. But @JBS and others who may have insight into this, do you always take the other owners/coaches word, or do you give the athlete coming...
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    MAG Flo Gymnastics for Wintercup

    Such a horrible and disappointing decision for men’s gymnastics.
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    For Parents Gym World

    Our experience as well with other sports as well as gymnastics. Many things have been done safely with precautions in place. No need for life to stop for everyone just because some believe it should, especially with plenty of studies in place proving safety precautions are working. But this...
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    For Parents Threat to scratch event as a motivator

    I’ve only seen our coaches scratch a kid from an apparatus once due to a mental block because of a fall on the skill causing the mental block. And it wasn’t done as a threat or punishment. Being a compulsory routine, it couldn’t be modified and they did not want to omit the skill and lower the...