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    For Parents Back Handspring

    How long does it take to typically get a back handspring? My daughter does cheer and is doing level 1 tumbling rights now. (Cartwheel, Round off, back bend kick over, she just got her back walkover) She just started a intermediate tumbling class at gymnastics, because she is interested in...
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    For Parents Newbie with vent questions.

    Yes, I’m not seeing that. Initially I did especially when the older girls were in the class, but it definitely seems to lack more now. A few weeks ago on one of my daughters breaks she climbed in a pool of foam cubes and was stacking them. He walked by and playfully patted her head. ‍♀️...
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    For Parents Newbie with vent questions.

    This might be a little long, but I have questions and some venting to do. I am a total newbie to gymnastics, so please let me know if I am being unrealistic with my expectations. I really don’t want to sound like a crazy mom. I also want to mention that my girls are twins with one on the...