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  1. txgymfan

    For Parents Dropping out of Pre-Team?

    Definitely sign her up for swim lessons. Sometimes you just have to make the decision as an adult.
  2. txgymfan

    For Parents Vacation over training?

    Let her go on vacation with her friend. She will always remember the trip and may always resent you if that is the reason you say no.The odds of anyone doing college sports is extremely small and this one week won’t make a bit of difference in the long run.
  3. txgymfan

    WAG Scholarships to keep doing gymnastics in college.

    Club gymnastics in college might be a possibility.
  4. txgymfan

    OT Feeling Old….

    Some of us moved over. You will see familiar names. It’s not as busy as the old forums.
  5. txgymfan

    OT Feeling Old….

    Welcome back. Some of the old guard are still on here. Have you been to Gymnaverse? It’s a new gymnastics forum to discuss college and elite gym.
  6. txgymfan

    For Parents Training weeks in the summer

    Take your vacations. Enjoy them and make memories. Gym will work itself out.
  7. txgymfan

    For Parents Advice to a 7year old starter?

    I would observe both gyms specifically the level she would be at be also as a whole. Listen to the coaches and the kids, are the interactions positive? Are the girls working while still having fun? Think about the schedule for her level and the next few. Can you commit to that amount of time in...
  8. txgymfan

    WAG Competition bra with support needed

    Yes, college gymnasts use athletic tape to support without straps.I saw a diagram recently.
  9. txgymfan

    For Parents What’s normal recovery from Covid for gymnast?

    Covid is weird. It’s seems to hit everyone differently. My friend that gave it to me had a hard time getting through her work day as a nurse for two to three weeks. I had different lingering symptoms. We were both vaccinated and boosted. Give her time and tell her she’ll get her stamina back...
  10. txgymfan

    MAG Illinois Coaching Change

    I just saw that and didn’t believe it at first. What is the logic behind this?
  11. txgymfan

    WAG Not the popular kid/bullying

    This is crucial advice for everyone. It applies to gymnasts and adults. I share it whenever it’s appropriate. I’ve never been the person with the most friends but I’ve always had friends from different parts of my life. When one group isn’t clicking then others become more important. Jobs...
  12. txgymfan

    WAG Baker, Memmel and Sacramone-Quinn new high performance coordinators

    Yes, she must have seen the writing on the wall. So much was coming out about the toxic behavior at camp I really don’t think she had a choice.
  13. txgymfan

    WAG At home uneven bars

    A pull up bar is good for strength training.