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    For Parents Is the travel meet worth it?

    Travel meets are one of the biggest rewards that gymnasts get for all their work during the year. It’s a business trip, but a fun one.
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    For Parents 5 Things Every Gym Parent Should Know?

    Wow, almost 100 times as many guests as members logged in. It would be helpful if you could get any info on who those cohorts are, that might help you choose topics they would care about to read. Or convince them to sign up which might not be the exact same list. Maybe you can make signups...
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    For Parents Potential Gym Change

    Until your girl has changed gyms it is a scary proposition. If and after you do you realize it didn’t need to be. Lots of girls change gyms. From what I see my guess is that by level 10 more than half the girls were at another gym earlier in their career.
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    For Parents Another Seattle Gyms Thread

    For those families whose athletes aspire to collegiate or more, they’ll want to consider Ascend (Auburn location), Cascade Elite, or Metropolitan. Metropolitan is excellent. The owners coach there every day; not always the case at other gyms. Very nice people. They are also something...
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    For Parents Dead period extended

    skschlag or others who know about these things . . . Can you explain more please what are “camps”, or “visits”? We have a thirteen year old with dreams of collegiate gymnastics. Her gym runs a week long summer camp ever year (not last year of course) with gymnasts from the local university...
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    WAG Level 8 beam questions.

    At two different gyms we have paid hundreds of dollars additionally for beam and floor routines. The beam Coach does one and the floor Coach does the other. Usually this happens over the course of a couple of private get-togethers. All gymnasts did that once they hit optionals, and their...
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    For Parents Tips to make meets more enjoyable?

    From my experience it’s better to leave siblings at home or at somebody’s house. Not all the time but sometimes, so they don’t feel like it’s a job to attend every single time their sister is competing. That frees up your energy and attention to watch the meet and talk with other parents...
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    For Parents Gym parent burnout

    Like Eleven Sol I can empathize but don’t know if I can give you any helpful advise. We have two girls in gymnastics one compulsory and one optionals, one four evenings a week and one five. One girl might make it to collegiate the other I doubt it so we have different reasons to put up with...
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    For Parents WA state gym rec

    If you are looking for recreational or Excel then Emerald City or Gym East and many places are fine. As near as I can tell their business model philosophies are Rec/Excel first and then also offer JO. Metro is more of focus on JO (both girls and boys) and also do some rec and Excel. They...
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    For Parents How large are the largest gyms?

    Thinking about it, a one floor gym is probably 10K or less, so 40K+ plus sounds big. Four or five floors and lots of other event equipment. It might be difficult to see gymnasts opposite from observations areas!
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    For Parents How large are the largest gyms?

    Hi. I’m just curious, how large are the largest gyms? A couple in our metro seem to be over 20,000 square feet at their one location. Some are probably a half or a third that size. I know that the number of square feet (or meters!) does not necessarily correlate with quality of instruction or...
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    For Parents DD returns to gym after 3 years off

    What a nice story. Good on your daughter!
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    For Parents Homeschooling

    The TOPS at our gym are all homeschooled, partially or fully. But that is handled the by the individual families. I’d be surprised if any gyms get directly involved in homeschooling, but maybe there are some. More families seem to like the idea these days, and not just because of coronavirus.
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    For Parents JO, xcel, gap ??

    At least two gyms in the area have cancelled their JO programs. The program coaches are apparently moving to two other gyms in the area. A lot of girls from one of the affected gyms has been trying out at my daughter’s gym. I’m sure some will move here.
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    For Parents Changing Gyms

    Every gym is different. What might fit best at one age might not be best at another. I know of one situation where several high level gymnasts left a gym last Spring and moved to another. At least one of those was a girl in her junior (penultimate) year of high school. At least one...