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  1. MILgymFAM

    For Parents Proud of my daughter

    She has, yes! They do compete and they have coaches and their own gyms, etc. They just don’t offer scholarships for it at all, or vaunt it over academics. She actually competes on three teams over there- artistic gymnastics, trampoline, and crew (rowing).
  2. MILgymFAM

    For Parents Proud of my daughter

    Neither of us ever heard of this before, but it’s apparently at least a semi big deal, so I’m proud of her! She’s still loving gymnastics and can’t wait to get back to her college next year to restart their program- it fell apart when she left.
  3. MILgymFAM

    WAG 1st NAIGC meet tomorrow!

    How exciting! My daughter got exactly one naigc meet before covid. Ha. She loved it though! She had more meets in the UK than she will in her American college all years combined, but she’s gonna go to as many as she can next year.
  4. MILgymFAM

    For Parents What is Your Child's Favorite Event?

    Before 2016 she couldn’t stay on to save her life. The very season before this streak she fell off at every single meet. Sometimes twice. Ha!
  5. MILgymFAM

    For Parents What is Your Child's Favorite Event?

    My daughter loves bars the best, but has come to love beam due to her own consistency. She realized recently that she hadn’t fallen off beam in a competition since 2016, and it makes it easy to love competing the event.
  6. MILgymFAM

    Upload an Avatar

    Too late to edit but if anyone was ever wondering what the meets over there are like, the championship has a whole meet site, including what the levels compete, etc.
  7. MILgymFAM

    Upload an Avatar

    I changed mine to the University of Oxford gym logo- at least until DD is back in the USA. She competed a trampoline meet yesterday and has an artistic meet on Saturday (the BUCS championship).
  8. MILgymFAM

    For Parents Navigating sibling dynamic

    Gymnastics was a perfect outlet for my perfectionists- they both learned to fail, try harder, fail again, and still find a way to squeeze all the joy out of it. My girls eventually ended up competing against each other, and I worried that there would be negative effects on their relationship...
  9. MILgymFAM

    NCAA colleges with T&T gymnastics

    The T&T gymnasts we know who compete in college were recruited for Acro and Tumbling teams.
  10. MILgymFAM

    For Parents 5 Things Every Gym Parent Should Know?

    1. It’s not about you. Let your kid drive the amount of time/money/effort that goes into the sport. Even if they’re the best gymnast since Simone, they have to want to be there. When they say they’re done (or show it), listen to them. 2. They will get hurt at some point. Be sure to understand...
  11. MILgymFAM

    For Parents Back in the gym again

    The second term is starting and my D is scheduled for two meets- one smaller and one bigger. She is so happy to get back into the gym again, though she’s going to hate life at first- she’ll have crew practice twice a day gymnastics practice later that same day during the first week back. Side...
  12. MILgymFAM

    For Parents Puma Jr retires…

    Wow, that last injury sounds really scary, but I’m glad she’s ok! Seems as if diving is a great next phase for her even though it stinks there is no closer club team. Best of luck to her in her new endeavor!
  13. MILgymFAM

    For Parents Back in the gym again

    DD had her first meet today- she was allowed to compete afterall- and she won! She also won a crew meet earlier this week, so it’s been a good week for her!
  14. MILgymFAM

    For Parents Screen time

    My younger daughter is 17 and I don’t limit screen time- she has three jobs, full time dance, and full time college- she can use her devices whenever she has time and desire as far as I’m concerned. Before they graduated high school it was no devices after bedtime (midnight) on school nights...
  15. MILgymFAM

    For Parents Back in the gym again

    She was sad to find out she cannot compete as a visiting student, but she’s just happy to practice.
  16. MILgymFAM

    For Parents Back in the gym again

    Hey again to everyone who remembers us, and hello for the first time to people who don’t! My D is now all settled in at Oxford and signed up for the gymnastics team today. She starts practicing Saturday- and she signed up for trampolining too! The whole year of gymnastics, including membership...
  17. MILgymFAM

    WAG The Ivies - financial part

    The ivies tend to have the best aid there is, with some differences between them, of course. I can say that my daughter’s non-Ivy (but top tier) college’s aid package was very close to that of an Ivy, with a very slight edge to the Ivy. Every school thought we could pay a bit more than we could...
  18. MILgymFAM

    For Parents Crossroads

    Ok, I’m really showing my age here, but I see this thread title and boom.. Bone Thugs & Harmony is strolling through my brain. Back to the point, it seems that your daughter has the perfect opportunity to walk away. Being invited to a climbing team- and being excited about the opportunity- is...
  19. MILgymFAM

    Suni on Dancing With The Stars

    Thanks! The article won’t load properly for me. I hope she does great!
  20. MILgymFAM

    Suni on Dancing With The Stars

    I thought she was already at college? I wonder if she’s already taking a leave?