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  1. MuggleMom

    For Parents Score one for ChalkBucket

    So DD has been getting rips on her wrist. It hasn't been going away and she was really annoyed. So like any good mom I started searching ChalkBucket for wrist rips suggestions. Lots of good advice the foremost of which was just buy some new dang on wrist bands. Even saw several recommendations...
  2. MuggleMom

    For Parents Upgrade Season

    So meet season is over for my kid and she did fantastic peaked at the right time and it was so cool to watch. Now its time to start training for level 9 . Honestly how the first half of the year went I thought for sure she would be repeating 8 and was fine with that so this is a cool surprise...
  3. MuggleMom

    For Parents Level 8 Beam Start Value

    Beam this year has been an emotional journey for DD. So....She is pivoting from bhs bhs for now just to do something to maybe get a routine together before the end of the season so she can qualify to regionals. She will score low 9s on vault and floor and 9.3-9.5 on bars so she really just needs...
  4. MuggleMom

    For Parents Easiest level 8 routines beam and floor

    So my kid was doing great then had some allergy issues that have limited practice and stunted progress (two months of missed or short practice) going into the season. What are some easy skills that can get her a 10 value or close on beam and floor (bars and vault are good). Beam- has standing...
  5. MuggleMom

    For Parents Funny!

    As we embark on paying for meet season, routines, and comp leos I saw this and laughed.... "I let my kids follow their dreams, unless I already paid the registration fee on their last dream, then they follow that one for 8 more weeks" :D;) Hope everyone is having a fabulous week!
  6. MuggleMom

    For Parents Tiger Paws question

    Daughter likes her tiger paws and they help with her wrists for the most part but a more recent issue is sometimes she gets tenderness almost like bruises from the tiger paws further up her arm... like mid forearm from where the tiger paw pushes into her arm. Is there anything that can help with...
  7. MuggleMom

    For Parents Any Advice???

    I just don't know whats going on with my kid. A month ago everything was fine, she loved gym had a great level 7 season has half her level 8 skills really just in a good place. Then what seems to happen every year happened again, all of a sudden shes really upset, doesn't want to go but doesn't...
  8. MuggleMom

    For Parents Nationals Jr A Session Tickets

    I have a friend that is looking for an extra ticket to the Saturday 8am Session on 5-15 for Nationals. They are allowing 4 spectators but they are hoping if possible to get an extra ticket as they have 5 that would like to attend. If anyone knows someone with an extra ticket to that session that...
  9. MuggleMom

    For Parents So close yet so far

    I have to vent. DD (level 7) had her last meet of the season this weekend (we aren't doing state since its virtual and no awards etc letting the girls uptrain which I am ok with). They start on Floor. Season high score 9.45. Then to Vault... 9.05 (one of the highest for her team). Then Bars 9.5...
  10. MuggleMom

    For Parents Question about Squat on for Bars

    Does it matter if you do a "squat on" vs a "pike on" at any level? DD is level 7 and a strong bar worker but still does a little squat on. Would that negatively impact her score at all? She seems more comfortable doing this and her coach has never said she has to do anything different. Just...
  11. MuggleMom

    OT Fitness Equipment

    I want to get more active. I used to go to the gym but not so much anymore. I dont have a love or hate of any piece of equipment. I want to find something that's easy to do at home, doesnt take up too much space, and maybe my kids (11dd gymnasts and 8dd softball player) could use for exercise on...
  12. MuggleMom

    For Parents Funny Get Well Card

    A girl at gym is having surgery this week and I want to do a funny gym related card for her to have the team sign. Whats something funny I can put on the card. Was thinking something like "Try not to flip out while you're recovering from surgery" but something that sounds clever and fun :) Any...
  13. MuggleMom

    For Parents Questions about Bars

    So I have noticed that DD usually has her hands closer together on bars ( especially cast handstands and giants). She will often Shift her hands a bit closer together if they feel to her to be too far apart. Hers, I would say, are in line with her hips/shoulders so handstand/giants looks like a...
  14. MuggleMom

    For Parents Level 8 skills

    What are the big level 8 skills for most evens. I know its optionals so you have options :) however I was curious what the most common skills were for each event. I know you need to flip a vault for level 8 What dismount do you need for bars? I think you need a pirouette? Beam is a series but...
  15. MuggleMom

    For Parents Bridge/Shoulder Flexibility

    My daughter does not have pretty bridges. I think it has to do with overall shoulder flexibility. She is not the most naturally flexible in general. Are there any good stretching programs to improve bridges and shoulder/back flexibility? That seems like a good workable home goal to me. Shes 10...
  16. MuggleMom

    For Parents Mom is not in shape

    Trying to encourage my daughter without going too nuts and making her hate conditioning so I suggested we do her gym warm up together a couple mornings a week to stay in shape. Holy crap its hard I didnt make it all the way through. Hoping in a month I can work up to doing the whole warm up. She...
  17. MuggleMom

    For Parents Gym and Braces

    So we learned today DD will need braces. She got some rubber band things on her teeth today so she can be fitted with the spacer and braces for top teeth later this month. What are everyones expereinces with gym and braces? Was there a lot of discomfort? Did they want to miss practices when...
  18. MuggleMom

    OT Disney Vacation

    So been seriously thinking about planning a Disney vacation before the kids get to old to really enjoy the magic of it all. Any great tips? Is it worth going through a vacation planner? Anyone gone through Costco before?
  19. MuggleMom

    For Parents 1st Meet in the books

    Well we competed our first official Level 6 meet and despite some issues it went really well. The hotel we stayed at wasnt the best the beds were really uncomfortable so no one got any sleep. DD has been fighting off a cold so without sleep she was miserable in the morning for the 9am warm up...
  20. MuggleMom

    For Parents Tiger Paws Question

    My Daughter started using tiger paws at the begining of the summer due to some wrist pain and the skills she is working (timers on vault etc). They seem to be helping with her wrist pain in her actual wrist but she has started to complain of some pain in her mid forearm. It is basically where...