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  1. ReluctantGymMom

    WAG New optional changes?

    So I saw the new Optional code of points is out - are there any major or significant changes?
  2. ReluctantGymMom

    WAG Can giants be the only circling skill for level 6?

    DD competes HS to CHS to giants to layout for her bar routine - she said her back up routine is HS to giants to layout without the CHS if (insert random gymnastics words about pushaway angle) is off. Would that actually fulfill her requirements? I know they have to have a circling skill for...
  3. ReluctantGymMom

    WAG Circling skills - how important are they?

    This is a real niche question, but my kids thing is bars - she picks up hard skills rapidly, and she has lofty goals to get a scholarship as a bar specialist (she’s hoping to be able to dump beam eventually LOL). But I wanted to ask, how important is it to work stalders and toe-ons as well...
  4. ReluctantGymMom

    For Parents UF gators camp?

    Anyone have any inside knowledge to when they’re releasing info??? Other camps are already available or sold out and UF still doesn’t have prices or dates for when they’re going to open for sale up. They literally put up their camp dates a week ago!
  5. ReluctantGymMom

    For Parents Would you force your kid to miss part of practice?

    Okay so hear me out: Her gym is very flexible with time, because most of optionals is still in elementary and can’t get early release. Everyone tries to get there as close to on time as possible. Her school offers many after school clubs that she obviously can’t attend. BUT there’s a pottery...
  6. ReluctantGymMom

    WAG Weird full turn question for judges?

    If there’s any judges here or anyone who knows the answer to this; Our beam coach has worked like dozens of ways to do a full turn with my daughter, she settled on coupe (sp) and it’s… a work in progress. She’s happy because she’s landing them all now. BUT we noticed that her foot that is up in...
  7. ReluctantGymMom

    WAG Lower back pain

    About a week ago, my DD did many (12? 16? She did them in sets of 4) back walkovers on beam, which she never does because she has a block on that skill and her coach told her it’s fine, she won’t be competing it at any point anyway. She was trying to conquer this fear, our coach spotted her on...
  8. ReluctantGymMom

    WAG HOPES skills for 10-11 year olds?

    Hey all, I can’t find the answer to this so I’m hoping you fine folks can help me - for the 10-11 age group, what are the skills required for the routines? I seriously can’t find anything besides the required scores, but not anything else!
  9. ReluctantGymMom

    WAG Meet not telling girls their scores

    We’re having an in-house mobility meet (our gym and one more gym coming) for level 5 - our coaches said the girls won’t see their scores, they’re not going to tell them their scores, they’re just going to tell them if they scored out or not. is this allowed???
  10. ReluctantGymMom

    WAG Level 5 full turn - what makes it count?

    So my kiddo is supposed to score out in May, and beam... beam and her are not friends. Unsurprisingly, the full turn is going terribly. At what point does the full turn actually count as the full turn and not a missing skill if she falls? I.e does her body and turning foot just need to be fully...